Police arrest Ndola prophet, 16 worshippers at Dola Hill mountains

POLICE in Ndola have arrest Prophet Francis Bwalya who was found with other church members conducting worship at Dola Hill mountains.

And the Ndola City Council has closed down 17 bars that were found operating outside the ban on bars, nighclubs, casinos due to COVI-19.

Prophet Bwalya 49, led a dozens worshipers mostly young girls and women.

Police officers and Ndola City Health Inspectors raided the mountain and found the worshippers busy in “odd worship”.

Ndola City Council public relations manager Tilyenji Mwanza confirmed the development.

“Ndola City Council Friday evening disrupted a gathering of dozens who were congregating in rather ‘odd worship’ at Dola Hill. The gathering which mostly comprised of young girls and women was led by 49-year-old Francis Bwalya. The mountain worshippers were intercepted from their unconventional worship by both health inspectors and Zambia Police as they were contravening SI 21 and 22 of holding a huge gathering without permission and further risking their lives by not obeying social distancing as they bowed down in their mountainous prayers,” Mwanza said.

“After noticing police presence, many scampered into the tall grass but police managed to apprehend Mr Bwalya and 16 congregants and will be charged accordingly.”

And Mwanza said 17 drinking places have been closed down by the council.

“…the Ndola City Council has continued to monitor the city and see to it that the presidential directive to bar owners not to conduct business is observed. On Thursday and Friday the local authority shut down 17 premises and picked up bar patrons and owners. Those picked will be charged accordingly while the bar owners will have their liquor licenses reviewed,” stated Mwanza.

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