Kapiri MP fears COVID-19 spreading to swamps

KAPIRI Mposhi UPND Kapiri member of parliament Stanley Kakubo has expressed worry that the coronavirus pandemic may spread to the rural parts of his constituency, especially in the swamps.

Speaking shortly after taking part in the spraying of trading premises in Kapiri Mposhi’s central business district that was spearheaded by the local authority, Kakubo said he was impressed with the preventive measures so far.

He observed that since some western parts of Kapiri Mposhi were swampy with fishing as the main economic activity, there was a risk of spreading the virus.

“We are impressed with the way the preventive measures are being undertaken. The other time we were distributing drums of water, washing buckets, washing dishes, some hand sanitisers and other requirements needed to fight the further spread of COVID-19,’’ he said on Friday.

‘’As you are aware, Kapiri Mposhi has the Lukanga swamps where fish traders go to buy fish in bulk which they later go and sell in other districts. The Lukanga residents’ major source of income is fishing and outsiders frequent these places and that might pose a threat to the spread of the coronavirus in rural areas. That is my main concern. So I think there’s need to extend the spraying to trading places and distribution of face masks to rural areas, particularly the western parts of Kapiri Mposhi district.”

Kakubo further called for the deployment of more health workers in the area.

He said that would help intensify senitisation in communities.

“I have been having discussions with the district commissioner, district health office and the police command in the district. I think there’s need to deploy more health workers just to intensify sensitisation and probably screening while the same police officers can be sent there so that people do not operate drinking places and ensure compliance when it comes to social distancing,” said Kakubo.

“We will continue collaborating with relevant government departments and see how we can supplement government’s efforts aimed at fighting this deadly disease. We are alive to the fact that fighting against COVID-19 requires concerted efforts from all stakeholders because the pandemic affects everyone in one way or the other.”

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