Workers have suffered a lot under Lungu’s leadership – Akafumba

THE solution to Zambia’s problems is that the PF must go, says NDC vice-president Josephs Akafumba.

And Akafumba has advised Zambian workers to call the PF government by its true name, which he described as one that has bad leaders.

In his Labour Day message, Akafumba, a prominent lawyer, said workers have suffered a lot under President Edgar Lungu’s leadership.

“This government has no regard for workers, civil servants are being transferred for not reason at all, a lot have been retired in national interest, all because they belong to a ‘wrong tribe’. The conditions of service for workers is nothing to write home about and a good number of workers have not been paid their salaries. The examples are too numerous; council workers, museum workers, ZamPost workers, the university and now the disease has spread to the mines where again this government has no regard for miners. So the question is that is May 1 worth commemorating? Not under PF. Even those who have retired and are supposed to enjoy the fruits of having worked so hard for a long time are not rejoicing as they have not been paid,” he said.

“There is only one more Labour Day to go which is May 1, 2021, as NDC, we call on all the workers to hold on and persevere, salvation is coming. The only solution to all Zambia’s problems is PF, PF must go and we are counting down in that there is only one more May 1 next year, thereafter we will all sing that we are now free at last,” Akafumba said.

He said despite the Labour Day being a day for workers devoid of political connotations, workers have not received the much-needed benefits, especially under President Lungu’s leadership.

Akafumba, who is former justice permanent secretary, said even the little that workers got under President Michael Sata has been taken away.

“Sata gave the lowest paid worker a K300 salary increment. This has been taken away by the numerous taxes, so the take home pay for workers in this country does not take the workers home. In fact, the pay day is now a mourning day,” he said.

Akafumba said workers needed to reflect on this year’s Labour Day.

“Reflect and call the PF by its true name. It is a bad government with bad leaders who don’t care for workers. They only care for themselves, so to all workers, we say unite and ensure that we kick out this government through the ballot in 2021,” he said.

“We must usher in a government that will not only improve workers’ conditions of service and pay them a living wage, but a government which will ensure that when one retires, he or she is paid on the last day of work. That is what good governments do. As NDC, we will ensure that all retirees that have been suffering under President Lungu are paid and also ensure that workers are paid on time under improved working conditions. It is possible because Sata did introduce a single spine salary structure,” said Akafumba.

“Sata made sure that a diploma holder in the Ministry of Health got the same as that one under education. But now they are getting different salaries, we will sort out this mess.”/SM

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