They’re worse than the colonial govt

Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba claims that Zambia’s economy is doing far much better than that of South Africa, as of today.

What economics does GBM know to be able judge the comparative economic performance of countries?

Making money from government business or contracts doesn’t make one an economist.

GBM uses this to conclude that those who want to “unseat” Edgar Lungu and the Patriotic Front in next year’s general elections “baleibepafye”.

And he says that had it not been for the COVID-19 pandemic, the Patriotic Front’s national mobilisation committee would have scored highly by now.

GBM has no shame – he is a shameless liar. Today GBM is not ashamed to praise the same things he used to denounce, despise, mock. What type of a human being is this? What propels him?

Today GBM is talking about political mobilisation for the Patriotic Front but he forgets that when he was in UPND he never had the freedom to mobilise.

Today Zambia is a multiparty state just in name. Although the Constitution allows the existence of political parties, Edgar and his minions have made it almost impossible to meaningfully exist and operate.

They interfere with the registration of political parties, making it very difficult for serious people to register political parties.

They easily and illegally deregister political parties. They did this with Harry Kalaba’s Democratic Party. It had to take a brave High Court to stop their annihilation of the Democratic Party.

As we publish this editorial comment Chishimba Kambwili’s NDC stands deregistered.

There’s no space for opposition political parties to mobilise. The police are commanded to refuse permits for opposition rallies and other meetings. Making it very difficult for opposition political parties to organise and hold intraparty elections and operate in a democratic manner.

Even under COVID-19 restrictions, themselves are busy mobilising politically while there’s no space allowed for the opposition to do the same.

It’s this, and not the economy, that is giving the confidence of winning next year’s elections. They want to enter the boxing ring with an opponent whose hands they have tied behind his back.

In this regard, this is the most-cruel, tyrannical and undemocratic government Zambians have ever seen since independence. They are worse than the colonial government.

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