Time is coming for PF officials to account, says Chilikwazi

TIME will come for the PF officials and their surrogates to account for the wealth they are amassing while in government, says Costain Chilikwazi.

Commenting on the decision by the Director of Public Prosecution to discontinue proceedings against former special assistant for press and public relation Amos Chanda, former Road and Transport Safety Agency [RTSA] chief executive officer Zindaba Soko and their co-accused Walid El Nahas, who is former Intelligent Mobility Solutions board chairman, Chilikwazi, a UPND member, stated that Zambians were still alive to the corrupt related cases involving high profile government officials that were dying natural deaths.

He said the right time would come when well-meaning citizens will demand that those that plundered public resources in their quest to amass personal wealth should be held accountable.

He said the decision to enter a nolle prosequi in a high profile case bordering on grand corruption involving senior government officials and prominent businessmen was an indication that the PF regime was condoning corruption.

“When the Drug Enforcement Commission arrested Amos Chanda and Zindaba Soko, I pointed out that the PF government just wants to use its law enforcement wings to portray a picture that they were committed to the fight against graft, when in fact. And I did state categorically that we know that this won’t go anywhere. We knew that the current PF leadership just wants to hoodwink the Zambian people so that they can believe that they are committed to the fight against corruption. But what we are seeing is that the PF is showing us the left arm cannot investigate and prosecute the right arm,” said Chilikwazi, who is also former PF Kapiri Mposhi district youth vice chairman. “It started with the Anti-Corruption Commission investigation on the ownership of the 48 houses in Lusaka which were forfeited to the State, but died a natural death. Then we had the case of former infrastructure minister Ronald Chitotela arrested on corruption allegations, and it also died a natural death. And now we have a high profile case bordering on grand corruption involving senior government officials and prominent people. That is a clear indication that the current PF government is tolerating corruption. For now, Zambians should accept this because the governance system has collapsed under the PF regime. But time will come for the PF officials and their surrogates to account for the wealth they are amassing while in government. Their days are numbered…time will come for them to account. The PF exit will be worse than that of the MMD regime.”

Chilikwazi noted that corruption deprived majority citizens of the right to access quality social services.

“When corruption is entertained that is why we are having situations where heath posts like the one in Matilyo compound and Kabaka area in Kapiri Mposhi have no medicines. How can I explain this when I take a child to the clinic and I am given a prescription for me to go and buy medicines at a private drug store? Corruption deprives majority citizens their right to access social services such as quality health and education because public resources meant to benefit the vulnerable people end up in the pockets of a few individuals,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chilikwazi expressed skepticism that donations being made towards the fight against the spread of COVID-19 would be utilised prudently.

“I am aware that the Vice-President has said that there should be transparency and accountability in the utilisations of donations being made towards the fight against coronavirus. However, I doubt if there will be any accountability given the fact in the past there has been no transparency in the utilisations of donations made to the PF government during calamities. We have a case in point of the donations that were made after the City Market was gutted and various donations were made. To date, those donations have not been made public, probably because the funds were diverted to other political activities. And the person that was at the helm during donations to reconstruct City Market was Vice-President Inonge Wina. Those donations were being made publicly but the utilisation was not made public,” said Chilikwazi.

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