Zambia has become a haven of thieves under PF – Chifire

LUNGU is a captain of bandits, a cheerleader of vandals, and a protector of thieves, that’s why Dora had to admit with unmistaken confidence about the sad reality of the presence of thieves in our country, says Gregory Chifire.

Chifire was responding to information minister Dora Siliya’s statement that in every country there were thieves and corrupt people.

He said under PF, Zambia had become a haven of thieves.

“It is true, every country has thieves, but the difference is that whereas in other countries there are thieves, ours is being led by thieves. Thieves run the government, thieves call the shots,” Chifire said.

Chifire, who is director of Southern African Network against Corruption (SANAC), said he pities Siliya because she had a gift of helping governments lose power because of her mouth.

“She tries very hard to do damage control, but in the process aggravates situations. Dora was my friend, I know her, a few times she speaks the truth, and I know when she speaks the truth. This time she almost said the truth. Anyway, her admittance about the presence of thieves in our country is nothing new. We have always known that there are thieves in our country. The biggest problem is that these thieves have congregated to run government. Our government is a cartel of thieves. They spend their nights scheming about what to steal. Should they by accident fall into sleep, they dream about stealing. At the office, they think about stealing. Their life is about stealing,” he said.

He said owing to their stealing life as confirmed by Siliya, it was for the same reason why the country had seen ministers, presidential aids, permanent secretaries and others being paraded either in Court or before the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

Chifire noted that some of them, despite being paraded before the institutions, still serve in government to date and were being shielded by their fellow thieves in government.

He said President Lungu was presiding over a government of thieves, by thieves in order to steal from the people.

“That is why out of all the high profile cases that have been before court, there has never been a single conviction. These guys have perfected their art. They are using institutions of governance such as courts, the ACC, DEC, the DPP and the police to launder their dirty names. Just look at the case of Amos Chanda. How did the DPP entered a nolle? Look at the case of Chitotela, the court acquits him, the DPP doesn’t appeal. Circus. So you think Lungu does not know? He’s the protector. He knows which button to press. He will use the law to clean up his colleagues who have corruption tags so that he presents to the voters a ‘clean’ party,” he said.

Chifire, who is in exile in South Africa, further said since institutions of governance had failed to punish the thieves in government, the onus rests on voters to give them a red card in 2021.

“Then, and only then, will they face the law squarely,” said Chifire.

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