Cabinet and elections preoccupation

Ackson Sejani says Edgar, “must dissolve his Cabinet immediately if he has to serve the remainder of his term of office with some degree of stability. It is becoming very clear that Mr Lungu is leading a fractious Cabinet which is beginning to manipulate, undermine and maladvise him. There is always a danger when you lead a cabinet where more than half of them are preoccupied with manoeuvres to unseat you at your convention. Such a cabinet is not doing the job they were appointed to do. It is these warring cartels in Cabinet that is responsible for the chaos, disconnect and the rather out-of-the-sink decisions coming from Mr Lungu. Mr lungu has made a lot of pronouncements regarding opening up some sectors of our country that have exposed him as lacking sound advice…So what is the preoccupation of this Cabinet? They are busy trying to outwit one another in their fight to succeed Mr Lungu. They have no time for him! Very soon their fights will come out in the open for all to see. For the sake of Zambia Mr Lungu must do the right thing now – dissolve Cabinet and appoint the few loyalists remaining who will assist him achieve some kind of a dignified exit next year.”

The current happenings or conflicting views on a number of policy issues coming from Edgar Lungu’s Cabinet members should worry even him as the appointing authority.

There’s no doubt Edgar’s team is preoccupied with the PF general conference and next year’s general elections.

And Edgar has not helped matters by declaring his desire to remain in office until 2026 or so.

We still recall how Chiluba’s cabinet became polarised once FTJ pushed his agenda for a third term.

With over a year to go before the presidential elections and his infamous Bill 10 still on the pending tray, Edgar is unable to reshuffle his Cabinet. He needs these ministers to marshal or give him the numbers to pass his Bill 10 before he can pull another move off the sleeve.

Edgar never backtracks from what he’s initiated.

He desperately wants this Bill 10 and he is ready to take on any opposition!

But at what expense? A further polarisation of the country and a domino effect in the PF!

But as we have stated before, the years we have had Edgar as President of our Republic are lost years. This is a president who has completely failed to define the purpose of his presidency.

Edgar’s government has pushed the country into very high debt levels with very little, if not nothing, to show for it. The only thing Edgar has succeeded in is increasing corruption, intolerance and abuse of public institutions. He has literally destroyed the integrity of every public institution – the Judiciary, Parliament, the police, the Drug Enforcement Commission, the Anti-Corruption Commission and so on and so forth. Not even the Church has been spared. Edgar has reduced our multiparty political dispensation to virtually a de facto one party dictatorship. He has really contracted the democratic space. The economy is in a shambles. Poverty and despair have increased in the country. This is the record on which Edgar is seeking a third term!

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