PF brutal little terrorists – HH

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema says the PF by philosophical orientation is a ‘terrorist’ organisation.

He, is however, confident that Zambians shall overcome: “this terrorist group called PF.”

He was speaking to journalists at his New Kasama residence in Lusaka yesterday.

Over the past week, Hichilema’s radio interviews, via the phone, in Muchinga Province have all faced a hurdle – disturbance by PF cadres.

Recently, Mpika district commissioner Moses Katebe stopped Mpika Community Radio from interviewing Hichilema, still via the phone.

Yesterday, Hichilema said the PF had planned such chaos from day one.

He said Zambians should not give public office to people who were: “terrorist at heart, brutal by nature.”

“The PF, by philosophical orientation, is a terrorist organisation, a brutal organisation, an oppressive organisation,” he charged. “[But] we shall overcome this terrorist group called PF. God will never give us a load that is too heavy for us to carry. God is teaching us Zambians that this group of terrorists called PF must exit public office in 2021. We can carry that load!”

He said what PF cadres were doing was not accidental but a pattern.

“[It is] a scheme that the PF has engaged in since they took office. You just need to reflect on what is happening to the media houses and innocent people,” Hichilema said. “Yesterday (Monday) at Isoka Radio Station, I was appearing on a programme and the PF thugs, waging weapons viciously attacked the radio station and those who were inside the radio station.”

Hichilema said senior members of the governing PF were allowing terrorism to continue against Zambians, unabated.

He asked: “how can it be that a so-called government can wage war against harmless and armless citizens?”

“Do Zambians want a government like that to continue? Absolutely not! Those are the ways of dictators; terrorists masquerading as government officials. They are not!” he said.

He argued that no government could claim to be democratic and act in the manner the PF had been acting.

“None at all! So, this qualifies PF to be called a terrorist organisation. I got arrested around 2012/2013 for saying that PF were training militias…” Hichilema said. “The PF closed The Post Newspapers. The Post newspapers was in existence even under the one party State. [But] even under the one party State, bashikulu ba (grandfather Mr) Kaunda respected law and order – he did not shut The Post. Who closed The Post down? The PF and Mr Lungu.”

He said the clampdown on media houses was not a coincidence.

“No! It is a scheme to silence independent opinions. The closure of Prime Television is part of this grandiose scheme of the PF to shut down the media. Only dictators do that! Don’t forget what PF did to me when I was in Ndola appearing at Sun FM radio. They wanted to kill me there; we had to go through the roof,” Hichilema explained.

He added that it was strange that any suspicion of members of the opposition having committed a crime or anticipation of a crime, earned opposition supporters an instant arrest “[or] shot at and killed – even when they are exercising their democratic rights.”

Hichilema called the PF government murderous one.

“How can we forget Mapenzi Chibulu – a young lady brutally murdered in cold blood by the PF system? How can we forget [Vespers] Shimunzhila and so many others that were brutalised and killed under a PF programme called gassing? How many people were killed? So, this is murderous government and I want citizens to reflect,” he said.

Hichilema told Zambians to be ready for the 2021 elections by getting national registration cards, and voters’ cards when the process starts.

“That’s your weapon in a democracy…Let’s galvanise around the UPND…I ask the youths of Zambia to rise and reclaim their freedoms and their democracy. [Let us] work together, to prepare for 2021 and not to be afraid of these brutal little terrorists,” Hichilema noted. “No government can overrun the people [and] examples are abound in the world. Even those who used to keep golden pistols in their waists, when the people decided that enough was enough those golden pistols couldn’t work. How can a government spend so much money on [installing] cameras to spy on citizens, when we have no enough testing equipment for the coronavirus? The government’s priorities are upside down.”

He told police officers to be fair in their execution of duty.

“Under our leadership, the law will be blind to a political party, ethnicity, religion. The criminal justice system will basically be re-structured so that citizens truly are deemed innocent until proven guilty. I want to assure Zambians; when UPND takes office, you’ll be protected everywhere, by law,” said Hichilema.

He hopes the police would arrest attackers of Isoka’s ISO FM radio and Muchinga Radio in Chinsali, and also effect an arrest on Muchinga Province PF chairman Alex Simuwelu for threatening violence.

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