PF more deadly than COVID-19 – Kasauta

BWEENGWA UPND member of parliament Michelo Kasauta says the PF government is more deadly than coronavirus and must be ‘quarantined’ for life come 2021.

In an interview, Kasauta said President Edgar Lungu and his team must go in 2021 for failing the people of Zambia.

“The PF is more deadly than the coronavirus in this country and must be quarantined for life come 2021 and beyond. They have done more harm to the country than any other regime. Right now cases of people that have tested positive to coronavirus is more than 700 but more than 16 million Zambians are suffering from PF disease of a failing economy,” he said. “PF disease symptoms are as follows: tribalism, high mealie-meal and fuel prices, high electricity tariffs, load-shedding, poor road network, expensive fertilisers, high unemployment rate among youths, poor conditions for civil servants, harassment of traders and bus drivers by PF, and lack of drugs in hospitals.”

He said the only medication to cure the dying economy was to vote for his party’s leader Hakainde Hichilema next year.

“Bally 1 will detoxify the contaminated economy and we shall have fresh air or hygiene in the country when PF is kicked out of power through the ballot. We are tired of breathing stinking, corrupt air of the PF regime,” Kasauta said.

He accused the PF of failing to provide testing kits for coronavirus to many hospitals and free face masks to citizens when the country had a lot of money and donated funds.

“It must do enough by providing COVID-19 materials. PF cheated Zambians that UPND MPs refused to collect free materials from government when they don’t have anything. Us opposition MPs are dipping into our own pockets to help the citizens in our communities by emulating our leader HH who made the first donation,” Kasauta said. “If we had a listening government Zambia was not going to do fire-fighting as it is now where COVID is concerned. Zambians, ask yourselves, who has brought us where we are? It’s PF arrogance. PF will never do the right thing for Zambia. We can’t allow ourselves to be ruled by people that are not productive.”

And Kasauta wondered why government could not reduce fuel prices since the commodity became cheaper on the international market.

“Why is the PF government still stealing from its citizens by not reducing fuel prices? Zambians must go flat out to decampaign PF for punishing them, not only on high fuel prices but failing the economy too,” Kasauta said. “Our children in the province are being discriminated just to acquire a National Registration Card. It takes 30 days just to get an NRC in Southern Province when in other parts of the country it’s 30 minutes, the NRC is issued. NRC is not just for voting purposes but it is needed for one to go to college, university and for employment. NRC issuance in the province is nonsense and we will not fold our arms and allow this nonsense to continue when the country fully reopens. We want our children to acquire NRCs and not those stupid excuses.”

Kasauta said PF had escalated tribalism to intolerable levels.

“They have discriminated against other tribes when Zambia is one. UPND will unite this country again, come 2021. PF has failed. The best they can do now is to start packing their bags; we cannot wait any longer, they must go,” said Kasauta. “PF is a bunch of heartless people who are contaminated with tribalism and hate speech. There is no way [commerce minister] Christopher Yaluma can go to Malole and start denouncing people of Southern Province where he is married from. A number of Tonga men are married to Bemba women but we cannot denounce our brothers and sisters from Bembaland.”

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