Covid claims 8 Zambians in the UK

EIGHT Zambians based in the United Kingdom have so far died from COVID-19, according to Zambian Associations in the UK.

This has ignited unity among the Zambian community in the UK, prompting them to form an organisation called Zambians Together.

“The COVID-19 pandemic crisis has affected many people in the UK and Republic of Ireland, including the Zambian community. This situation has created substantial burdens to the Zambian Diaspora families in the UK and Republic of Ireland. To date, eight (8), Zambians have died of COVID-19 in the UK,” reads the statement issued May 21. “To help support the Zambian communities affected with COVID-19 in the UK and Ireland, a local initiative with the support from the Zambian High Commission London formed Zambians Together. Zambians Together is a collaborative initiative working closely together with various Zambian Community Associations and Networks across the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland) and the Republic of Ireland.”

Recently, the Zambian community in the United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland UK and Ireland formed Zambians Together, an initiative to Support Zambians affected by the coronavirus.

On May 18 this year, Zambia’s High Commissioner to the UK, Lieutenant General Paul Mihova and his deputy Patricia Chanda and other staff, attended a Zoom meeting at which Zambians Together was launched.

Zambians Together representative Elias Phiri said their main aim was to coordinate as Zambians and help each other during the pandemic.

“One of the main purpose of Zambians Together is to provide a platform to help and support the UK and Ireland Zambian community affected with COVI-19. Please visit our websitehttps://www.zambianstogether.org/ and share this information, to other Zambians in the UK and Ireland, who may need the support from Zambians Together,” said Phiri. “We may not be able to help in every case, but efforts will be made towards providing the community with useful information and connecting the community with organisations and/or people that may be able to help.”

And Gregory Mwanza from Wales Zambia Association said: “Partnership working is vital for community development, integration and cohesion, especially in times such as these when a community is facing challenges like COVID-19. Wales Zambian Association is proud to be a part of the Zambians Together organisation, in helping to relieve those Zambian families affected by COVID-19, among other objectives.”

Meanwhile, Zambia Ireland Association representative Georgina Mahachi said Zambians in Ireland were hopeful that the initiative would work.

“It is important in difficult times, for all Zambians in the UK and Ireland to work together and be supportive of each other,” said Mahachi.

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