PF chances of winning 2021 are like a camel going through a needle’s eye – Sichula

NDC Copperbelt Province chairman George Sichula says the silence of Zambians has misled chances of the ruling Patriotic Front winning the 2021 general elections is like a camel wanting to go through an eye of a needle.

Sichula, a former Chingola district commissioner, said ‘the silence of the river does not depict absence of crocodiles.’

“I hear the PF say that they are familiar with the wind of change and that there is no wind of change coming. It is clear that they refer to 1991 and 2011 elections, but I want them to know that seasons and times change,” Sichula said.

He lamented that Zambians have experienced unbearable pain that if the PF called for elections today, they would be treated the Roan way, “losing pants down”.

Sichula said if the PF was using the 1991 and 2011 as barometers to determine their victory next year, then they were living in the past.

“The PF has been on the Copperbelt and other provinces for almost 15 years. One term in opposition and two terms in government for most constituencies. They had an opportunity to make a difference but have failed terribly. Roads and clinics have not meant anything to the people,” he said.

“As Copperbelt, we welcomed the PF some 17 years ago, but we feel the time to let go of the PF is now. This marriage cannot work. We need a fresh and youthful political party with new ideas to take a lead next year. We have had enough of their stories about the mines, economy, jerabos, jobs and more money in the pockets.”

Sichula said the silence of the people was actually saying something, especially with the failing economy.

He said the fact that the people were not asking about the gassing report, corruption, freedom of assembly rights and press freedom does not mean that they are happy and it is water under the bridge.

Sichula further noted that it was frustrating to see how COVID-19 was being used like a public order Act to restrict the opposition from campaigning while the PF and their allies campaign.

“’Ulubuli lwakwikata’ see what they did in Chilubi parliamentary by-election. Again the PF is cheated to believe that the Zambian people are happy with them. Many people just fear that they can attack and victimise them through their unruly cadres.”

Sichula said it was also very painful to see the PF cadres attacking journalists.

He warned the ruling party not to think that they had managed to silence every voice, hoping to have an easy win next year.

“People are mourning inside and wishing that elections were this year. I just hope that their exit shall be honourable. We need a new normal in government,” said Sichula.

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