No one is immune

Dora Siliya, the Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, said on Saturday she had tested positive for coronavirus and was in self-isolation.

In a video message posted on her Twitter account, Dora said despite taking all precautions like washing her hand and face regularly, masking and maintaining social distance as much as possible, she tested Positive for COVID-19 on Friday and immediately went into self-isolation.

Dora believes she was exposed to the virus on her tour of duty, as she has been involved in communications that involves traveling around.

Dora further said that she is at the moment asymptomatic and is not showing any symptoms or feeling ill despite being positive.

She also disclosed that she has alerted the Ministry of Health and given them all her contacts, especially in the last 10 days.

Dora said that all her contacts will be contacted by health professionals and urged them to remain calm and work with the health officials so that they are kept safe, together with their families.

She urged the public to continue with social distancing and masking, and to remove the face mask with much care to avoid self-contamination.

We wish the minister a speedy recovery and hope her family are safe and healthy. Coronavirus can and does affect anyone. Everyone be safe. Our own health depends on everybody else.

We have no doubt Dora is a fighter and she will overcome this challenge as well. Prayers for her good health. No one is immune. Let’s all follow the guidelines.

We don’t underestimate for anybody how difficult it is to be positive for this virus so we certainly send our best wishes to her for a very speedy recovery.

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