‘Coming from the street’

Jonas Shakafuswa says, “PF got most of its people from the streets and unfortunately it has put the same people from the streets into leadership and then they have brought street law to be the national law. We have relegated the police to be spectators. Today police have got no integrity, no respect at all! If the police act in a professional manner, one is retired in national interest, one is frustrated until they retire.”

It’s not coming from the street that is the problem. There are some very good people from the streets one meets every day. But like all places there are also some rotten ones from the street.

We have crooks, thieves, liars, tyrants who have come from law firms, pulpits, trade unions, companies and so on and so forth.

It’s not necessarily where one comes that really matters. One can come from Katondo Street dealing in currencies and still be an honest and humane politician. What is not acceptable is the bringing of the worst behaviour from the street into public office.

Most of the hooligans, thugs in the Patriotic Front are not necessarily from street. They are from nowhere, from doing nothing. And because they are doing nothing they can at any time be hired to go and do wrong things, commit crimes.

As for the police, it is not possible to have a professional police of integrity when those who are directing things are thugs, crooks, heartless politicians.

Such people have no respect for the law. Impunity becomes the order of the day for themselves and their agents, friends and families.

And they have loaded the police with their own party cadres, making it very difficult for professional cops to operate, function.

As it was demonstrated the other week in the case of Lewis Mosho ordering the arrest and detention of Chinese nationals, the police today is under the command of all sorts of elements. Look at how Bowman Lusambo is commanding police officers while the Inspector General of Police is watching!

Can a police that is commanded by the likes of Mosho, Lusambo and the likes be reasonably expected to be professional?

But who is truly acting professionally under this government?

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