Nothing done for freedom fighters – Hamusonde

WHAT good should be said about Africa Freedom Day when there is extreme poverty and high unemployment rates, asks chief Hamusonde.

Chief Hamusonde (r) of Bweengwa, west of Monze says COVID-19 should not be taken lightly.

In an interview, he said freedom fighters who fought for Zambia’s independence are suffering.

“Nothing has been done for freedom fighters. Look at how they have been treated. There is nothing that they are enjoying as people who fought for our independence. We have a lot of them, but what have they benefited? Africa Freedom Day does not make any sense,” he said.

“What good should be said about Africa Freedom Day amid high unemployment rates. Look at the extreme poverty we are going through, look at the high corruption rates, theft of public resources, breakdown of the rule of law, hate speech – what is Africa Freedom Day for? I don’t know what to say! We have to do something if it has to make sense otherwise there is currently nothing tangible about the day,” Hamusonde said.

On COVID-19, he said the pandemic must not be politicised.

“We chiefs, all headmen must ensure that our people understand the dangers of COVID-19. It should not be something taken lightly because it will finish everybody. Let’s forget about the political insults or affiliations. It does not matter where you come from or belong. Let’s unite and wipe out this killer virus. Over 920 infected, people it is not a joke. It is alarming and above all let’s restrict our movements,” urged Hamusonde.

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