Lukuku reports Mosho to LAZ

[By Changala Sichilongo]

JAMES Lukuku has complained to LAZ against its member Lewis Mosho who has failed to pay former Post newspapers employees the money they worked for.

On June 21, 2016, government using the Zambia Revenue Authority closed the country’s largest independent newspaper over a disputed tax bill.

Government later appointed Lusaka lawyer, Mosho as provisional liquidator.

Mosho has since sold all Post Newspapers Limited assets, without accounting for any proceeds thereof to the former employees.

And at least over 20 of the former Post staff have since died without getting anything from what they worked for.

In a letter dated May 26, 2020 addressed to the Law Association of Zambia president Eddie Mwitwa, Lukuku, leader of the opposition Republican Progressive Party requested for Mosho’s discipline.

“RE: COMPLAINT ASGAINST COUNSEL LEWIS MOSHO OF NATHAN LEWIS ADVOCATES, IN RESPECT OF FORMER POST NEWSPAPER EMPLOYEES – POST NEWSPAPER LIMITED UNDER LIQUIDATION. The above subject matters refers : In accordance with rules of natural justice, I write to complain against the conduct of Lewis Mosho, a lawyer and member of the Law Association of Zambia and an appointed liquidator of The Post newspaper limited,” stated Lukuku. “An estimated over 300 former post newspaper employees have not received their redundancy packages since the media institution was liquidated 2016. From ground evidence, all former Post Newspaper Limited assets have been sold but there have been no empirical or comprehensive explanation as to why employees have not been given their employment termination benefits. Untold misery has affected the unpaid former employees of The Post Newspaper Limited. For this somewhat gross mismanagement of the powerless and oppressed former workers, we bring to your attention this subject matter for possible disciplinary and intervention against Counsel Lewis Mosho.”

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