Lungu is not captured

Gregory Chifire says Edgar Lungu has been captured by criminals who run the country thus relegating him to a mere front.

“They tell him what to do, when to do and where to do it from. He has been blackmailed by his captors,” says Chifire, adding that prior to entering the government Edgar was really struggling financially and almost went into depression after his practicing licence was suspended by the Law Association of Zambia.

“Those that sponsored him knew this weakness. They knew the man needed a quick financial turnaround. They made him do deals he could not resist. Unfortunately for our dear Eddy, that was the beginning of trouble. Tenderpreneurs tell him what to do, who to fire and hire. He is not in charge. This cabal has shielded him from the reality out there. This cabal is now playing him. Soon and very soon it will discard him. Edgar does not know what is happening. The cabal has already installed a successor because it feels he cannot win them elections next year. He is expendable. They want to try someone else who will continue to protect their interests.”

We don’t agree with Chifire: Edgar is not captured by any cabal; he’s the head of the cabal.

Edgar has not always been honest with money. He started being crooked before entering State House. He lost his law practicing licence before getting into government. How and why? It was because of stealing a client’s money. Edgar was corrupt before becoming president of the Republic of Zambia. Being President has not created a new man in him – he is still the same stealing Edgar.

He is not captured. Edgar has surrounded himself with people like himself – crooks, thieves, corrupt elements of all hues.

Every creature prefers its own kind, and people are no different. Just as animals of the same species flock together, so people keep company with people like themselves.

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