SIKAILE Sikaile has charged that President Edgar Lungu is protecting health minister Chitalu Chilufya the same way he has been protecting others.

The Ant-Corruption Commission has warned and cautioned Dr Chilufya for being in possession of property suspected to be proceeds of crime.

However, sources told The Mast last week that President Lungu’s aides had blocked Dr Chilufya’s arrest.

On Tuesday, ACC were geared to arrest the health minister but according to insiders, he managed to pull a quick one by informing the Commission that he’s in self-quarantine.

Dr Chilufya has since tested positive for COVID-19.

“If you remember my fellow Zambians, I once asked who bewitched us for celebrating Chitalu Chilufya and even saying he is a presidential material, just because he was giving COVID-19 updates every day,” he said in a statement. “We can’t beat around the bush; PF is a government by thieves and for the thieves. You can see how he protects his corrupt ministers. When [Ronald] Chitotela was found wanting, Lungu maintained him as a minister and this is the same with Dr Chitalu Chilufya. Then how do one expect these juniors at ACC to prove a senior thief?”

Sikaile cited several examples of government leaders who were let loose when they should have been prosecuted.

“Let us not risk the lives [at] ACC. Dora Siliya in the Malawi maize scandal, Given Lubinda, Jean Kapata and Mr Lungu, alongside his daughter Tasila Lungu in the mukula tree smuggling curtail, according to the Environment Investigations Agency,” Sikaile stated. “We have seen the stealing of gold in North Western Province involving the PF provincial chairman and PF officials and cadres. In Lufwanyama Chinese and Lebanese are exploiting our gold and Lungu is ok with it because he gets his cuts right away. We have seen the miracle houses, fire tenders, ambulances, the Auditor General’s report unearthing rampant corruption all pointing at PF government officials, but when did we ever hear Edgar Lungu making serious follow ups? No single day.”

He wondered how President Lungu could fight corruption that he had tolerated.

Sikaile also questioned President Lungu’s silence on tribalism peddled by some of his senior party and government officials.

“How can he fight the corruption, tribalism and political violence that he has sanctioned? Corruption and violence defines and keeps him in power, nothing else. For him to be in State House, he had to bribe his way using the corrupt Electoral Commission of Zambia,” stated Sikaile. “Tribalists like [Christopher] Yaluma, Nkandu Luo, Sunday Chanda, Mumbi Phiri, Bizwell Mutale, Nyela Chanda and many others, are all in the PF government and he is ok seeing them dividing our nation.”

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