Beyond the Obvious: I Hate Light Skinned Girls

I HATE light skinned girls, especially those that cunningly bleach their skins to make men like me lust after them; that’s tantamount to forgery. This is my number one point
Point number 2: I hate businesses that use coffee colored girls to advertise their products, because that’s manipulation.

Point number 3: I hate the media and advertising houses for perpetuating the scam that light skinned color is desirable, because that’s an insult to our conscious and pride.
Point number 4: let me tell you what you don’t know: as men we are partly responsible for the skin cancers that our womenfolk are suffering from these days as a result of bleaching their skins. I know you were taught, way back in Sunday school, that the devil tempted Eve. But I want to put it to you that men today tempt women to tone their skin alight, to dress a certain way, and even sing a certain way in church. Thus many women now, in trying to impress and continue to eat at the men’s table, go to great lengths to bleach their skins, as this is what attracts most men – so they think. Because men look at women from the face, our womenfolk spend much time looking at their faces in the mirror than they do any other part of their body.

Lest someone think that I’m just talking about hate and skin colour, may I wish chief government spokesperson Dora Siliya, a quick recovery from COVID-19. And since miracle workers are still formulating ways of praying away the coronavirus, I can only wish madam Siliya well.

But let’s go back and look at the adverts that we see every day. Have you ever seen a dark skinned lady adverting soap or some toilet cleaner? Answer is no. Ok, what type of baby skin do you see in adverts for baby diapers? It’s usually babies with lighter skin. So what is the media and advertising houses telling us? They are telling us that the lighter the skin, the better! Go and attend any wedding this weekend, you’ll see that most, if not all girls on the lineup, including the bride herself, are light skinned. We have been made to believe that beauty is all about being light skinned – in the face, that is. We have women who look light skinned just up to the neck while the rest of their body is dark. They hide their darkness, only to show their bleached skin which they think would earn them some points from men. Thus women bleach their skin by applying chemicals of nondescript and take pills of dubious natures so that, per adventure, men could look at them.

Shop attendants and some sales representatives crave to have lighter skin color for them to make good sales. If there are two ladies on two different tills in a shop, the one with a light skinned lady will have more men lining up. Why? Skin colour.

Feminine beauty, for many of us, is all about the face and nothing else. A women could have bent legs, forked fingers and a bulging tummy, but if her head has Brazilian hair and her face is glistening from a layer of God-knows what makeup, then she qualifies to be in the beauty class.

Tell you what, beauty is not all about the face. It’s about everything else. It’s about the heart, brains, character, spirituality, reputation, and a lot of all other virtues.

But is there hope to change these erroneous perceptions? Yes, of course. The change should start with us men. We should not show preference of ladies based on skin color. After all black is beautiful, isn’t it?

Therefore, from today, I call for rebellion. Rebellion against those businesses that use light skinned girls to advertise their goods and services. Rebellion against looking at women in the face. Instead we should look at women from the feet upwards. We should do this very slowly. By the time we reach the midsection, we would have done all the necessary work. So if women realise we are no longer interested in their faces, they will stop spending money carelessly. And skin bleaching will end. And cancers will end. And families will save lots of money. And I’ll hate nobody. See you in paradise.

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