Headline Matters with Chambwa: Response from above

I’m in a lying position. Not asleep and therefore far from dreaming. I’m agonising how to buy hand-wash liquids and a big bottle of hand sanitiser. At the same time, I’m being commiserative to the have-nots. Then I hear a voice saying: ‘O God, arrogant men have risen against me, And a band of violent men have sought my life, And they have not set You before them.’ I quiver and immediately sit up, almost impulsively.

Who is talking to me? I wonder. Could it be that I have fallen victim to auditory verbal hallucination (hearing talking voices)? Schizophrenia? No, my God! While I’m still arguing with probably inner demons, I feel light-headed and the next thing? ‘I sought the Lord, and He answered me; He delivered me from all my fears.’ Another voice from ‘nowhere!’ No doubt; this is divine and so, I kneel and offer a prayer. Once I’m done, clarity comes to mind.

I recall that last Sunday, I wrote something on Headline Matters asking God to secure our COVID-19 donations. Asking Him to grant us real freedom! From now onwards, there is a comforting atmosphere that as we start a new month tomorrow, we shall be freer. More comforting, however, is an inner feeling that my and your donations are under Godly lock and key. Don’t doubt this! God is in charge and in control. The response from above, strictly speaking, isn’t meant for me but those in charge of the COVID-19 fiscus. Before this response from above, I was an emphatic nihilist, but not anymore. A response from above has turned me into an emphatic optimist. So, I can now be sleeping. Do you still worry about the security of ‘your’ donations? Post Ephesians 4 verse 28 on Facebook!

I thank God that a response from Him has healed me. If you are still apprehensive about ‘our’ donations, prayer is the free toll line to Him! Bye.

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