Siavonga DC orders man-hurt for 4 ‘COVID-19’ escapees

FOUR people that were quarantined at a COVID-19 isolation centre in Siavonga district have escaped forcing authorities in the area to launch a man-hunt.

Confirming the development, Siavonga district commissioner Lovemore Kanyama said the four once apprehended “will receive good punishment”.

“Am confirming that four people on Thursday and Friday escaped from the COVID-19 isolation Centre in Siavonga. We had 10 people quarantined at the COVID-19 isolation centre of which four of them escaped,” Kanyama stated.

He disclosed that the group in quarantine was arrested last week in Zimbabwe for fishing illegally on that side of Lake Kariba.

Kanyama stated that authorities in Zimbabwe subjected the 10 to COVID-19 tests and one of them was believed to have tested positive to the coronavirus.

“The tests were conducted by the Zimbabwean authorities. We are yet to receive our own test results and members of the public will be informed when results are out. For now, they are all suspects. Siavonga district has no case of coronavirus so far. To the residents of Siavonga, let’s ensure that even as we conduct our business, let’s abide by COVID-19 guidelines,” he urged.

Kanyama statedthat the four people that escaped from the COVID-19 isolation centre would be hunted and punished.

“The system of patients escaping is becoming a bad habit in the district. Last year, it was a cholera patient who escaped from the hospital. A team of officers from the health department and Siavonga police command must go flat out in searching for the four individuals as they are a danger to the society,” directed Kanyama.

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