Sinazongwe MP weeps over residents’ poverty

SINAZONGWE UPND member of parliament Gift Sialubalo on Friday wept after seeing how people in his constituency were suffering at the hands of the PF regime which has turned a blind eye on the hunger situation in the area.

And the residents described Sialubalo as their true political messiah who had sacrificed a lot for them.

Addressing a gathering that welcomed him when he toured developmental projects that he was sponsoring using his personal resources in the constituency, Sialubalo who could not stand the desperate faces of impoverished hungry residents complaining of spending nights without food, become emotional and wept in front of the them.

He said the government despite knowing that Sinazongwe being a valley did not receive enough rainfall, it continued to pay a blind eye to concerns of the people in the area.

“My people desperately need food because their crops didn’t do well while majority of them never even planted anything because they did not receive the rains in time. There livestock got depleted last year buying food and now they have nothing else to sell to buy food,” he said.

And senior headman Siamankawa appealed to the government to consider sending relief food to the people of Sinazongwe especially in Mweemba chiefdom.

The traditional leader said time for politicking was over. He said the government needs to address problems affecting the people.

“Our son Sialubalo cannot manage to feed the entire population of Sinazongwe, he has done a lot so far using his personal resources to build schools, boreholes and in some instances buying food to help especially the aged,” Siamankawa said.

Another resident, Dyness Sosele described Sialubalo as the political messiah of the area.

“Hon MP your works in the constituency from your personal resources and CDF is so immense. We wish you long life and if it means dying soon its better us here we just die and you remain alive so that you continue developing and touching many lives of people in Sinazongwe. From the time you went to parliament you have never neglected us,” said Sosele.

December Siacinzonzo vowed come 2021 people of Sinazongwe will still vote for Sialubalo.

“We don’t want you to be a one-time MP, no! You have proved to us that you have a heart for people in your constituency. Your works speaks for itself,” said Siacinzonzo.

Meanwhile, newly elected Sinazongwe district UPND youth chairman George Bbabi said youths in the area would ensure that come 2021 Sialubalo was retained in parliament again.

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