South PS urges young people to respect the elderly

[By Ben Mbangu in Kazungula]

SOUTHERN Province permanent secretary Mwangala Liomba has called for an end to the barbaric act of killing elderly people in society on mere suspicion of practicing witchcraft.

Speaking at the burial of freedom fighter Dickson Munkombwe who died aged 94 after a short illness, Liomba said young people must learn to embrace and respect the elderly in society because they were the custodians of tradition and history.

“Government recognizes the elderly people as the custodian of tradition and history. It is for this reason that I’m calling upon those in the habit of killing elderly people in communities on mere suspicion of practicing witchcraft to stop. From the time I was appointed PS for Southern Province, this is the third funeral I have attended where an elderly man died from sickness while the rest were killed on suspicion of practicing witchcraft,” said Liomba. “Despite the late Mr Munkombwe dying as a happy man, he lived an imaginable life where at the age of 50 he turned blind, meaning he lived the rest of his 44 years till now in 2020 as a blind man.”

And in a tribute, the late Munkombwe’s son Mike, a Choma-based ZANIS staffer, urged young people to embrace and show love to their parents regardless of their status as well as situation they find themselves in life.

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