B-Flow rejects Lusambo’s ‘apology’ ultimatum

B-FLOW has vowed not to apologise for speaking out on the oppression that Zambians are currently facing at the hands of foreign investors.

Responding to Lusaka Province minister Bowman Lusambo’s 24-hour ultimatum to him, Gospel artiste Kings Malembe and photographer Chellah Tukuta on Wednesday for allegedly demeaning the presidency in their social media video postings, the singer – real name Brian Bwembya – said he would not be silenced for speaking on behalf of marginalized Zambians.

Recently the trio have taken to social media to express displeasure with President Edgar Lungu over the gold mine deal and oppression that Zambians are going through at the hands of the Patriotic Front and foreigners.

Bwembya has instead demanded that Lusambo apologise to him and the people of Zambia for infringing on their freedom of expression.

“You cannot describe the people’s demand for transparency and accountability as “LAWLESSNESS”. You cannot talk about lawlessness while using abusive language because the use of offensive language is lawlessness itself. The Zambian people deserve an apology for attempting to infringe their freedom of expression and threatening their mouthpiece,” he said.

He said Zambian youths were in dire need of employment and better conditions of service from their leaders, saying they do not deserve to be called “disgruntled” by the provincial minister.

“Zambian citizens who are concerned about what will happen to their gold cannot be told to “stop it”. It is not “nonsense” to ask leaders to protect the rights of Zambian workers against foreign investors who oppress them,” Bwembya said.

“Exercising your freedom of expression doesn’t make you a beneficiary of the opposition’s money. Demanding good governance is a sign of love for country and an act of patriotism. When people advise you, it means they do not want you to fail. Alas, in Zambia, when you voice out, you are considered an enemy.”

He said a revolution had started and that the youth would not be silenced.

“Hunger breeds anger. Insala ngayakalipa, abantu balakalipa. Moreover, in Bemba we say “ichikalipa chumfwa umwine”. Let he who has an ear hear. Enough is enough!” said Bwembya.

Tukuta has also rejected Lusambo’s ultimatum to apologise, while Kings has apologised for not using the “right platform” to address issues.

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