Gassing has been forgotten just like that!

Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops president Bishop George Lungu has asked Zambians to demand the truth about the gassing which terrified the nation early this year.

Bishop Lungu says people should demand the truth about the origins of the gassing that rocked the nation. He is right.

Bishop Lungu says people should not fear but still ask relevant questions about that terrifying experience.

“Fear to demand the truth about the gassing rampage that tormented our people. You remember, it’s not long ago, basi zii (it’s quiet) as if nothing happened. Who cares? But, sometimes it’s fear to challenge the situation, what happened? Who was behind it?” asks Bishop Lungu. “We want to know. Otherwise, it is going to repeat itself. You can imagine an evil scheme that turned peace loving Zambians into mob killers; dragging people into the streets, stone them, kill them, burn them. Suddenly, what has happened?”

There’s no way such a big crime should go unknown and unpunished. The gassing spread very quickly to all parts of the country. People stopped sleeping in their homes; they were forced to sleep outside in the rain out of fear of being gassed.

To date no one has been arrested and prosecuted for those gassing attacks. Why?

Many people are right in concluding that this was a Patriotic Front scheme to instill fear in the population or blame it on the opposition.

Those in government would like this failed gassing project to be forgotten just like that. And perhaps the coronavirus has come in so handy as a cover for the gassing as people preoccupy themselves with the pandemic and how to protect themselves. But thanks to Bishop Lungu, this issue won’t disappear from our minds just like. The government won’t get away with it just like that.

The gassing issue will certainly be an election campaign issue in next year’s general elections.

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