Sinazongwe MP donates cement to schools

SINAZONGWE member of parliament Gift Sialubalo has donated 100 pockets of cement to two schools in his constituency and also given out 6,000 reusable face masks.

Sialubalo has also delivered iron sheets and other materials for the building of staff houses at Nabukowa and Lutuwa schools.

Speaking during the donation ceremony, he said the government had neglected the constituency and treated its residents as if they were orphans.

“I was forced to put Sinazongwe Constituency on my home budget because government does not want to use taxpayers’ money to develop it because people voted for UPND. So today I’m donating 100 pockets of cement to Kanchindu Comprehensive School and Sinakoba Primary School respectively,” he said. “I’m also delivering 75 iron sheets and other building materials worth K28,000 meant for the building of two staff houses for Nabukowa and Lutuwa schools respectively. And last month I just finished building a laboratory block at Sinanjola Secondary. All these donations are from my personal resources.”

Sialubalo revealed that being an MP for a rural constituency in an opposition stronghold taught him that to offer meaningful service to the people called for sacrifice.

He also inspected other developmental projects like mechanised water pumps that he sponsored.

“There is no single MP who can do what I’m doing from the salary they get from National Assembly. It’s impossible, unless that MP is engaged in other business. So people of Sinazongwe, stop complaining that Sialubalo doesn’t frequent the constituency like other previous MPs. What did those MPs do for you? Do you want development or my face,” Sialubalo asked the crowd who responded that they needed development.

“Allow me to go round to lobby for resources for development than demanding to be seeing me every time. There are councillors here who are my eyes just tell them what you want and I will do it for you.”

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