Lecturer recounts how teacher shot dead his wife

A LECTURER at Zambia Open University has told the Lusaka High Court that his tenant, Kenneth Makina, shot dead his wife when she went to collect a wardrobe, which she had left under his care.

This is in matter were Makina, a teacher, is facing two counts of murder and acts intending to cause grievous bodily harm.

It is alleged that on February 13, 2019, Makina murdered his wife Charity Jikubi, a police officer and with intent to maim, destroy, or disable, caused grievous bodily harm to Eustone Kapotwe by shooting him in his right thigh.

Testifying before High Court judge Pixie Yangailo, Kapotwe, 65, of Woodlands, told the court that on the fateful day between 07:30 and 08:00 hours, Jikubi, who was in the company of her niece and a carpenter, went to his home to collect her wardrobe which she had left at the cottage.

Kapotwe stated that he told Jikubi that the wardrobe needed to be dismantled in order for it to fit in her car.

He said Jikubi asked him to go and knock at the cottage and inform her husband, Makina, with regards to the wardrobe that she had gone to collect from her husband’s home.

Dr Kapotwe said he knocked at the door and informed Makina that his wife had come to collect her wardrobe to which Makina then asked for a copy of an x-ray, a dongo and a cable from Jikubi.

“The lady (Jikubi) produced the cable but the accused refused to get it, so she gave it to her niece who gave it to Makina and he went in the house,”Dr Kapotwe said.

He said when Makina returned, he said he would only allow the carpenter to enter the house and collect the wardrobe and not Jikubi and her niece.

Kapotwe recounted that Jikubi then got her phone and asked the carpenter to use it to take pictures of the wardrobe so that those who will assemble it in Ndola can have an idea of how to do so.

He said as the carpenter delayed to capture the wardrobe, Jikubi called out his (carpenter’s) name but Makina asked why she was making noise.

“She told him (Makina) that the carpenter was taking long because she needed to travel to Ndola. Mr Makina came out and said that don’t you know that I can kill you? And then he removed a pistol and fired towards Ms Jikubi and her niece who then run away,” Dr Kapotwe said.

Dr Kapotwe said before he could secure his life, Makina shot at him in the thigh and he run towards his house and he was rescued by his son who opened the door and pulled him inside.

Dr Kapotwe said Makina continued to chase after Jikubi whom he fired shots at as she was rushing towards the gate.

He said before Jikubi could reach the gate, Makina shot at her and she run to the next yard where he completely terminated her life.

“We heard gunshots. As we were going to the hospital since I was shot in the leg, we saw the body of Ms Makina,” said Dr Kapotwe.

Trial continues on June 8 (tomorrow).

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