Adopt credible candidates, Sialubalo advises citizens

SINAZONGWE member of parliament Gift Sialubalo says when citizens become lovers of money and not development they find themselves at risk of voting for non-performing candidates.

Giving counsel to newly elected UPND officials in his constituency, Sialubalo said local party leadership often made people suffer because they were giving adoption certificates to whoever buys them alcohol.

“When citizens become lovers of money and not development they find themselves at risk of voting for non-performing candidates that only buy them beer the entire term of office,” he warned.

Sialubalo said money makes people to choose leaders that are not credible.

“People must not just vote for anyone who stands but those with leadership skills. Stop that habit of when it’s election time, whoever has money comes to you and buys you beer then you give them an adoption certificate. You are killing the people by imposing non-performing individuals on them. Our people are fed up of fake campaign promises from candidates that just want to enrich themselves instead of giving a service to the people,” he said. “As local party officials, together with you people, let’s not be lovers of money because we will be choosing leaders that are not credible. It is the ward officials making people suffer because they go for those that pay them money. They give adoption certificates to non-credible people. Money must not be your focus in selecting candidates but knowledge and heart of leadership must be everyone’s focus when choosing leaders. Leading people is like Christianity because it calls for a heart that is willing to sacrifice.”

Sialubalo advised local party officials to avoid supporting leaders who would not develop the constituency.

“It’s witchcraft for officials to accept money from candidates even when they know that they have no capacity to initiate development. Come 2021 if someone comes to you, to ask for you to vote for them as MP, please first ask them to take you to their home, see where they stay because majority of them just want to go to parliament to enrich themselves,” he said.

Sialubalo said UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema wanted credible men and women that could deliver services to the people and not those only interested in fattening their bellies.

“If as a people we put in bad leaders in leadership positions then how will HH work with such people when we form government? Let us ensure that starting from the ground we choose people that have the same vision of the party and of our president HH,” advised Sialubalo.

And newly elected Sinazongwe district UPND youth chairman George Bbabi vowed that young people in the constituency would never vote for leaders that only want to enrich themselves at the expense of poor Zambians.
“Hon Sialubalo, your work speaks for itself and as youths in Sinazongwe we will make sure that come 2021 you are on the ballot again as MP. Those that think they can challenge you at the last minute just because they have money must first work for the people for five years like you have been sacrificing your personal resources to build schools and other developmental projects in Sinazongwe district,” said Bbabi.

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