Youths are the majority, Priest warns Lungu

FATHER Kennedy Chola says there is a consensus among Zambians that says “change government before things get worse”.

Fr Chola, a Catholic priest based in the US, said silent voices were protesting the arrogance of elected leaders.

He urged President Edgar Lungu to put the interests of Zambians first.

“Youths are the majority in Zambia. Youths make and break governments! Listen to a suffering youth. Don’t use emotions to speak to the youth. Listen to them,” Fr Chola urged. “Make amends and listen. You have an opportunity to do the right thing. Put the interest of the people first.”

He said a lot of Zambians feel the government is not telling the truth over Konkola Copper Mines and the Kasenseli gold mine in North Western Province.

Fr Chola said Zambians have no trust in the PF government over KCM and gold mining.

“There is a consensus among Zambians that the deal government made with Karma in dealing with our gold is not in the best interest of the nation. There is also a general feeling that KCM is not safe because of the long and dubious liquidation of the mine,” Fr Chola said.

He said President Edgar Lungu should not go ahead with all deals that Zambians were seemingly rejecting.

“President Edgar Lungu don’t go ahead with this deal because those who hired you, your real bosses, the Zambian people want gold to be for Zambians only and no foreigner should be a part of it. If people calling themselves your sons like Kings [‘Malembe’ Mumbi] can be so aggrieved and go to social media to denounce your decision then you know a problem exists,” Fr Chola said. “If young people like B-flow [Brian Bwembya] and many other millions of Zambians who never talk politics can join the bandwagon to condemn it then it’s time to rethink such a decision. Mr President in your own words you bitterly complained about the stinking corruption everywhere in your government, what have you done about it? The nation needs to be addressed following such revelations on the steps forward on such a serious cancer in our society.”

He said President Lungu should sit down and listen to that silent voice of a youth.

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