PF keeps youth poor to buy them – ZCEA

THE PF keep the youth poor to buy them, says Zambia Civic Education Association executive director Judith Mulenga.

She said the ruling party does not create employment to perpetuate youth vulnerability in order to buy them.

“They keep inequality in order to buy them! They create hunger by high cost of food to buy the youth,” she said.

She said the “momentous reconciliation” of B’Flow and Lusaka Province minister Bowman Lusambo had demonstrated to Zambians in no uncertain terms the power of a mobilised youth in the country.

“The youth are a powerful critical mass of the Zambian population. Reconciliation is always the best option but only after serious dialogue of the causes and root causes of what led to the disagreement in the first place. We hope B’Flow obtained some form of roadmap for PF and the unhappy youth of Zambia to finally begin to right the wrongs of President Lungu’s administration,” she said.

“That is the crux of the matter. Without a roadmap and concrete plans of beginning to put derailed Zambia back on its tracks, the youth in Zambia will still be in the roundabout without any exit breakaway roads.”

Mulenga said the youth need to demand a national youth indaba that should be followed by concrete plans to end hunger, inequality, unemployment and corruption.

“We eagerly await B’Flow’s statement on this reconciliation. We are also happy that Minister Lusambo has realised that in the grand scheme of this enterprise called Zambia he is nothing but a temporary appendage that Zambians can do without. His unrestrained self-destructive stiff-necked atrocious behaviour was dangerously teetering Zambia to its own ‘nation spring’ reminiscent of the 1848 European political revolutions. Or closer to our times, the Arab Spring of 2010, started by a frustrated, helpless and hopeless poor vegetable vendor setting himself alight due the police constant confiscation of his vegetable cart,” she said.

“We hope that this a real sobering moment for President Lungu and his administration. To the youth of Zambia, we urge you not to squander this opportunity. There are about 6.4 million of you the youth aged between 15 years and 35 years. That is a powerful force to reckon with in a country of 18.3 million people. Make no mistake, you are facing a formidable foe in PF which is adept at neutralizing individuals through buying them or through threats. Even as you begun to mobilise, the PF machinery of bribery was already in motion.”

Mulenga said B’Flow went to State House alone and already questions, suspicions and distrust from his fellow youth have emerged on social media.

She was that was a deliberate ploy to neutralize him as he had begun to emerge as a leader that could rally other youth around him.

“Soon his compatriots will unleash malicious backlash against him. And who is the winner? It is PF. That is their modus operandi and it seems to work for them. They have done that to the opposition, civil society, traditional leadership and even the Church! No section of society is safe. But not to be discouraged; in the end those of the youth who are genuine will regroup and engage with the PF on youth’s own terms and the PF know this. How did we move from unleashing the police, ministers [Stephen] Kampyongo and Lusambo on the youth on Saturday to the Monday’s elbow touching ceremony of reconciliation?” she asked.

“Since coming to power, the PF have perpetuated a sham multi-party democracy. How can a government with a cohort of learned lawyers allow a situation of a subsidiary legislation like the public order Act to always override constitutionally guaranteed freedoms which reside in the supreme law of our land? At the same time the same government is fixated on ‘improving’ the Constitution through the peoples’ rejected Bill 10 when they ignore, refuse and disregard existing provisions? The youth are not cowards.”

Mulenga said the youth gave the elders a chance which they have squandered time after time.

“They waited patiently believing and trusting that surely the leaders see them, surely the leaders know how the youths’ hopes slowly fade. Some youths settle for whatever is thrown at them. Some hustle with no end in sight. Others hire themselves out as merchants of violence. Others are afflicted by depression, suffering in silence because of the shame. Yet others have constant run-ins with the police and the Drug Enforcement Commission,” she said.

“This is the reality of the youth in Zambia. It is a hazardous knee-choking with hunger, unemployment, inequality and corruption existence unable to breathe and being forced to live in their mommas houses well into their 40s, some never leaving at all until they migrate to the upper room. It is in the PF’s interest to keep its knees on the youth’s necks for its oligarchy to continue flourishing. The PF keep the youth poor to buy them! They do not create employment to perpetuate youth vulnerability in order to buy them! They keep inequality in order to buy them! They create hunger by high cost of food to buy the youth!”

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