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If you did math way back in primary school, you may recall the symbols in the title of this article. I can’t remember if these mathematical symbols apply at secondary school level. But that’s not the point!

Everyone knows that they will die. The question is when, and maybe how. Why? No! But if you want to die earlier than your appointed time in Zambia, go about believing that we are all equal before the law. Yes, part one of Article 2 of the 2016 Constitution talks about supremacy of the Constitution. But that’s it; nothing more or less. Don’t go about committing this and that offence under the guise of equality before the law. It’s a trap!
Look, if we were all equal before the law, many would have demanded for an ILLEGAL plot in that pristine forest 27, east of Lusaka. There would have been no political cadres moving on bus tops, and on the wrong lane of the road. Further, murderers, like those of that UPND youth in Kaoma and NDC official in Luanshya would have been doing some countdown in prison. Looters of gold, land, wildlife and precious trees, like petty thieves, could have been spiritualists behind prison walls. A few would have been writing meditative books. But they are out shopping, and others being saluted by ravening messengers.

All things being equal, any fellow who feels like could walk to and from Levy Mall and flash any political party symbol at Lusaka’s Intercity Bus Terminus. Life isn’t that easy in Zambia! The law, at least in Zambia and now, isn’t there to regulate everyone’s stupidity. It’s there to police the poor’s misconduct. Sometimes even good conduct that offends the ruling elite. You can’t understand all this if you’ve never been part of the government. But have I been before?

Whatever the case, the story is that we live in a territory where political affiliation makes you either less or greater than the law. The tragedy of all this is that those greater than the law will trash what I’m saying. After all, what can those less than the law do or say? Nothing!

To those greater than the law, much as you don’t agree with my views, I plead that you climb down those offices. Don’t be peeved; let’s discuss gold theft and trade. Yes, from poor Kasenseli in Mwinilunga and wherever there are such deposits.

We could have been a bit developed by now, but not with this tendency of less and greater than the law. It stinks and you wonder how these pathetic failures have embraced it. What is this horrendous stuff? It’s lawfare! It has sustained THEM. But for how long? Time simplifies any puzzle!

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