MMD charges its MPs Kabanda, Kunda over PF meeting

THE MMD has charged its Serenje and Muchinga members of parliament Maxwell Kabanda and Howard Kunda with insubordination and violation of party constitution provisions after they attended a PF meeting and issued statements.

The MMD has given the two MPs 10 days to state why disciplinary action should not be taken against them for going against party regulations.

In letters dated June 15, 2020 by party national secretary Elizabeth Chitika, on June 13, 2020, at Malcom Moffat Hall in Serenje, the two attended a PF meeting that was addressed by PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri.

At the meeting, Kabanda said in Bemba, “Ifwe ba MMD na ba PF tulibanganda imo, tulebombela pamo”.

Kunda on the other hand told the PF meeting that “Tulingile ukubombela pamo pakutila bulya bushiku tukesepisha ba President Lungu”.

The party’s national executive committee charged the duo with contravention of provisions of the party constitution, regulations, rules, orders or decisions (Disciplinary regulations 1991 number 6a) by attending the PF party meeting without clearance and or permission from the party.

It charged the duo with conduct likely to bring the name of the party into contempt, ridicule or disrepute by lying and misleading the nation “by your address in that meeting that the MMD and the PF are one and working together”.

“Can you explain which authority you used to announce this. What did you mean by ‘tulibanganda imo’ and who is the leader of that nganda imo?” reads the letter to Kabanda.

“Disobedience to orders, directives or instructions of any party organ on official duty authorised to do so (DR1991(f) in that you know very well that the MMD does not work with the PF and this position is in the public domain. However, you decided to disobey directives of the party by being defiant and do things as you please.”

The MMD also charged Kabanda with insubordination to senior party organs or officials by always acting like he does not belong to the former ruling party.

According to the letter, Kabanda had continually disobeyed the MMD when he knew very well that to be accorded the party membership or to be called an MMD member, a person must not be a member of any other political party.

“Further, you have been insubordinate and failed to abide by the party’s decision by failing to pay the prescribed monthly subscription as an MP to the party from November 2019 to date. Following the above violations of the provisions of the party constitution, at the direction of the national executive committee, you are hereby charged as above and you are requested to submit to the national chairman who is the chairperson of the disciplinary sub-committee of NEC an exculpatory letter within 10 days to show cause why disciplinary action should not be taken against you,” reads Chitika’s letter.

On Kunda, the MMD said the lawmaker lied to the nation by his address that the MMD and PF should work together and vote for President Lungu.

“Can you explain the authority you used to say what you said at that meeting. Is that the official position of the party?” she asked.

Chitika told Kunda that he knew very well that the MMD was not in any alliance with the PF, a position which was in public domain.

“However, you decided to disobey directives of the party by being defiant and do things as you please,” Chitika said.

Meanwhile, Chitika has told Phiri to stop claiming that MMD was working with PF.

During the PF meeting, Phiri said, “Ba MMD twalisumina ukubomba nabo, and when we are working with them, let us feel proud, let us embrace them, ngabakaya kwi? Ba UPND babasekeko naifwe tulelwa nabo (where will they go? The UPND will laugh at them and we fight with them!) No, God doesn’t allow that.”

But Chitika asked Phiri to stop misleading people.

“We write this letter to you and your party with a heavy heart following your continued destabilisation of our party. Madam deputy general secretary, how many times are we going to remind you to stop causing confusion in our party? We have written letters to your president and your general secretary and we have attached a copy of the November 5th judgment [of the High Court that declared Nevers Mumba legitimate MMD leader, vanquishing the Felix Mutati faction that entered into a pact with the PF] but you continue behaving like nothing has happened. Which MMD have you agreed to work with? Or which MMD are you working with? If you want individual MPs from MMD, you have every right to take them, if the two MPs will make you win elections,” read Chitika’s letter. “Please, stop referring or mentioning the MMD because we are not in any working alliance with your party. The fact that you do not respect the law, and there is no rule of law in your vocabulary, this is the more reason you have problems in your party. You went to Serenje to defend your party from people you have expelled and are saying they shall attend your convention. Why are you so quick to condemn them when you sponsored individuals to convene an illegal convention when you were aware those individuals were expelled from our party and you continued to call them MMD for three years and worked with them in your government to date? How would you feel if we continued addressing KBF as a bona fide PF member and aspiring PF presidential candidate even when we know he is not in good standing with your party? What is good to you should also be good to your neighbour otherwise KARMA shall not miss your address in Lumumba Road.”

She said it should be known that the MMD was not in any alliance with the PF.

“With this said, we wish to put it in writing in case you have forgotten; we are not in any working alliance with your party and you should desist from ever saying so publicly and privately,” said Chitika.

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