Good education plays key role in shaping future careers – Muswala

BUCHI Kamitondo Childhood Association vice-chairperson Dominic Muswala says good and proper education plays an essential role in shaping future and professional careers.

Dr Muswala said this Thursday when he flagged off the distribution of 22,000 books to various schools in Kitwe’s Buchi and Kamitondo townships.

The books were donated in conjunction with Books for Africa in the USA.

Dr Muswala was standing in for the association’s chairperson Florence Chanda-Britton.

“I heartily wish at the moment that all the donations will make the community of Buchi and Kamitondo townships; students, teachers and lecturers of Buseko, Kawama, Kamitondo, Kitwe Boys Secondary School, Hellen Kaunda Secondary School, CBU and Kitwe School of Nursing enjoy the new environment for study and work with relaxed and pleasant mood. Books open imagination. So today, we’re not just handing over 22,000 books, but 22,000 dreams. Dreams that you can pursue; dreams that can make you more successful, open-minded, stronger, and better people,” said Dr Muswala.

“The Buchi Kamitondo Childhood Association embarked on the project in June 2018, which today we see as a reality and the first project for the association. Dear colleagues, this may be the first project of its kind in this country. BUKACA believes that good and proper education plays an essential role in shaping our future and shaping professional careers. It helps to develop our personality and to gain recognition and respect in family and society.”

Other items presented along with the books included one solar lamp, two laptops, two desktops and one E-Reader.

Dr Muswala has appealed for enhanced security at the Buchi Library and also called on the Kitwe City Council to look at the association’s request to be allocated Buchi Hotel for its activities.

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