Lusambo needs to explain the source of his unending donations

Bowman Lusambo wonders why he has been reported to the Anti-Corruption Commission. Really!

He says, “We work with the Anti-Corruption Commission, there is even no need to send them. I don’t hear anything. We work with ba Anti-Corruption Commission. That is just some cheap talk. Why report to the Anti-Corruption Commission? For what? We are here to work for them,” says Lusambo at his residence on Sunday when he hosted a luncheon for persons with disabilities. “It is shocking. We are here for community work. So this work tulecita (we are doing) is for the people of Kabushi Constituency, but others will not appreciate. Ours is for community service.”

Taking a bit of one’s loot to charity doesn’t absolve Lusambo from corruption charges.

Actually criminals can be very benevolent. The worst Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar was a very generous person. He did so many good things for the people and they even voted him their Congress representative. But that didn’t cleanse him of his drug trafficking crimes.

The issue here is that in 2016 Lusambo came from the MMD with literally nothing – no money, businesses or property. And all of sudden today Lusambo is a rich man with very deep pockets, making donations of all sorts every week. His earned income as a provincial minister and member of parliament is publicly known. His donations are clearly far beyond his earned income. The question is: where is this money coming from?

Why is the question being asked? It is being asked because Lusambo seems to be living and making donations that are beyond his earned income. And living or operating beyond one’s earned income is prima facie evidence of corruption. Lusambo needs to explain to the Anti-Corruption Commission the source of the money he is flaunting.

His working with the Anti-Corruption Commission should not stop them from seeking satisfactory explanations from him about the sources of his money. If he doesn’t give satisfactory answers Lusambo should be arrested and prosecuted for corruption. And the unexplained wealth should be confiscated by the Anti-Corruption Commission.

Lusambo needs to explain the source of his unending donations.

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