A lying President

Chishimba Kambwili says Edgar Lungu is a liar.

Calling a sitting president a liar is not a small thing.

While addressing Patriotic Front officials in Luwingu last weekend, Edgar described Kambwili and Nevers Mumba as politicians who are mostly preoccupied with playing to the gallery.

“Don’t be like Chishimba Kambwili or Nevers Mumba, in the morning they send me text messages, in the afternoon they are insulting before cameras and in the evening they are apologising for the insults during the day. I can only speak for my brother ‘Ba Kambwili’ because I know him and I have worked with him. That’s how he is,” says Lungu. “But for Nevers Mumba, I don’t know him that well. I don’t know him; I don’t even recognise him and his group as MMD. It’s like he has not learnt anything from his problems in the MMD. Can he be serious with what he….”

But Kambwili says Edgar is lying.

“I challenge him to publish the messages. I have never sent him any message to plead with him or otherwise,” says Kambwili. “So what he was saying was a bunch of lies, excellent lies coming from a president; we can have a leader, a president who tells lies!”

It’s very sad for a president to be accused of lying, dishonesty.

And we turn to the Socialist Party manifesto for guidance on the issue of honesty:

“’When honesty is lost, then wait for the hour (the day of judgment).” These are the words of Prophet Muhammad. They paint a picture of the time leading up to the day of judgment, when righteous people will be sorrowful due to the lack of honesty around them.’ We live in a society today where honesty is both valued and shunned at the same time. We expect people to be honest in their dealings with us, yet we watch and applaud liars, we vote for lying and deceitful politicians.

Without thinking, we teach our children that dishonesty is acceptable. We admonish our children for lying, yet the reality is we have been their teachers. Whether we tell lies or allow our children to live in a world surrounded by deceit, the lesson is learned, and honesty begins to disappear from the hearts of the next generation.”

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