Nevers congratulates Malawi’s Chakwera

GOD has nullified the long-standing myth that a Pentecostal reverend cannot become president, says MMD president Never Mumba.

Commenting on Malawi’s election of the first clergy as president and its return to a party that lost power 26 years ago, Mumba said it is a peculiar moment in God’s special calendar for Africa.

“I have just got off the phone with my brother, the Rev (Dr) Lazarous Chakwera, the President-Elect of the Republic of Malawi. This is a peculiar moment in God’s special calendar for Africa. In one single election, God has conclusively answered the two most critical questions in governance,” he said.

Mumba, who is also a Pastor, noted that God had also nullified the myth that a political party that loses power cannot be re-elected.

“Kamuzu Banda’s Malawi Congress Party lost power in 1994 and today the 24th June 2020 has won the election with a landslide. The Bible says, ‘To everything there is a season’. This is a new season for Africa to bring morality and integrity in African politics. This has been our fight and crusade over the last two decades,’’ Mumba said.

“This day goes down in the annals of history as the beginning of the true emancipation for Africa. Congratulations Malawi! You have done it. You have beaten us at our own game. Congratulations Rev. Chakwera for this memorable victory.”

Following the happenings in Malawi prior to the just ended election re-run, Mumba prayed that Zambia could be next.

“Malawi Shall Be Saved, Zambia Shall Be Saved, Africa Shall Be Saved,” said Mumba.

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