Lungu, fire Chilufya – Tonga

3RD Liberation Movement leader Enock Tonga has asked President Edgar Lungu to fire health minister Chitalu Chilufya who has been arrested on corruption charges.

On Wednesday, the Anti-Corruption Commission arrested Dr Chilufya and charged him with four counts of possession of property suspected to be proceeds of crime.

Commenting on the arrest, Tonga called for the stiffening of penalties on corruption-related offences.

“Fire him now, he is nothing but a corruption suspect. Panado is not in hospitals, money meant for purchasing of panado could have corruptly been diverted into the pocket of a corrupt suspect and many silently died as a result,” he said. “To bring all humans (rich or poor, connected or not) on equal footing in the fight against corruption, the enactment of a no-bail law on corruption is the only way to go. It’s as simple as all that. I can only hope that the nolles, which President Lungu’s PF corrupt administration has been dishing out like sweets in cases of corruption and gassing, the immediate bails given to corrupt suspects, and maintaining of corrupt suspects in ministerial positions, will ring a warning bell in someone’s ears to stand and support in whichever way possible my non-bailable law on corruption.”

Tonga said stiffer punishments would deter many public officers from engaging in corruption.

He also wondered how quickly Dr Chilufya was granted bond.

“Non-bailable law in the fight against corruption with stiffer but very appropriate penalties of 50 years or more jail sentence, life imprisonment or death by hanging until such a one is pronounced dead by qualified medical personnel, is the only way out to eradicate all the bad blood and corrupt genes,” said Tonga. “There you go now, this corrupt suspect called Dr Chatalu Chilufya, President Lungu’s minister in the Ministry of Health is given bond immediately after his arrest on corruption allegations; when other suspects are going beyond the legally stipulated 48 hours detention period on lesser heinous and bailable crimes, and you are all up in arms with the rotten and corruption system – you hypocrites! President Edgar C. Lungu and his corruption PF administration is as good as a wall without ears.”

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