Mindset change is the solution to Zambia’s problems – Siamunene

FORMER defence minister Richwell Siamunene says fighting to see Zambia a better place for everyone does not lie in changing presidents.

Siamunene argues that the perception that whoever goes into leadership is going to steal will not help Zambia but he stressed the need for public office bearers to challenge themselves to always do their best in serving others and not themselves.

He says politicians must give inspiration to young people and not just use them.

“Beer will only make youths forget momentarily problems that they are facing but they’ll remain in same situation. We have a high number of graduates that are not in employment and politicians are taking advantage of them because they are all looking for jobs instead of creating their own by doing businesses or venturing into agriculture,” Siamunene said. “These graduates can do businesses. Youths must recognise the fact that this country belongs to them and that it is in their hands hence they should not allow beer to control them.”

He said for people to enjoy the Zambia of today was the result of many sacrifices, hence no one must be allowed to destroy the country.

“Fighting to see Zambia a better place for everyone does not lie in changing presidents but in cooperation and change of mindset in the manner people make contributions towards the welfare of the country. We are fighting for one goal, to see that Zambia is a better place for everyone and we can only do that if we are to cooperate with each other,” he said. “But if we want to live in a way of antagonizing each other, in the sense that who has more powers or less power, it will not work. We need to understand that we need each other. Government needs the people like youths and the youths need the government.”

Siamunene said people ought to find the problem and understand that it cannot be solved overnight but through change of mindset.

“Let us be careful with the manner we approach these matters affecting us so that we don’t deteriorate things in the country. We cannot express ourselves if there is no peace in the country. If there is peace and harmony in a nation it means that people will exercise their rights and manage to do whatever they want,” he said.

Siamunene said Zambians, especially the young, must rethink and change their mindset if their livelihood was to improve because no one can be rich by way of agitation and complaining.

“Those planning to protest must be careful not to destroy our own country because the people that will join the protest might have hidden motives. Other people come to take advantage of the situation to commit crime. And once this country is destroyed, who suffers? It’s the same youths and the things that they are trying to solve may not be achieved because the country will be destroyed,” he said. “COVID-19 has already destroyed us so we can’t afford to add more problems. Young people must rethink about the position they have taken because there are so many ways of addressing grievances and not flooding social media with insults but progressive ideas. If we destroy this country now we will have ourselves to blame.”

Siamunene said people must not just blame the State for coming out strongly in reaction to protests because it had a duty to keep peace in the country.

“Let’s engage each other amicably than protesting.

Government is there for the people. Change of leadership is not a solution for Zambia’s problems but change of mindset. We can change leaders and leaders but nothing will happen if we don’t change our mindset. There are no young people bringing out ideas apart from insults on social media,” he claimed. “We need to start cultivating ideas that can help prosper this country. There are so many opportunities in this country. COVID-19 has exposed the country that we are not producing anything. We need to be creators and not people that only repair broken things like radios and wrist watches.”

Siamunene challenged citizens to contribute positively to the country instead of championing retrogressive ideas.

He said even those in leadership must challenge themselves to always do their best in serving others and not themselves.

“The perception we have created for ourselves in Zambia that whoever goes into leadership is going to steal will not help us understand each other. If we keep thinking that government is stealing, nothing good will come out. The best is for our young people to think about how to get out of poverty,” said Siamunene.

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