Mulenga awaits Lungu’s approval of social cash transfer financing

COMMUNITY development minister Kampamba Mulenga says her ministry is waiting for clearance for additional financing from President Edgar Lungu to revert to the initial payment plan of disbursing the social cash transfer.

Speaking when she paid a courtesy call on Eastern Province permanent secretary Veronica Mwiche on Friday, Mulenga said government had made great strides in the area of social cash transfer.

“And I know the million-dollar question is: when is the social cash transfer going to be paid? So, we’ve made great strides in this area. Yesterday (Thursday), I was with Minister of Finance and we are just waiting for clearance from the President under the additional financing, then we’ll revert back to the initial payment plan,” she said.

“We will cover every other province, not just do (paying) two or three provinces, but it’s the 10 provinces that will be covered. This should bring joy to our beneficiaries. This is a very good programme and for us, our aim is not to break the cycle. Once you break the cycle then in the area of vulnerability and poverty reduction, it will be like going back and forth because then they would have months without the payment.”

Mulenga said the ministry was looking forward to getting positive results over the matter.
“My message is that, we just seek a little bit of patience with our beneficiaries, but so far so good; we’ve moved in this area,” said Mulenga.

And Mwiche said what Mulenga explained resonated with the Seventh National Development Plan, which was the growth trajectory part for the government.

“When we look at pillar 2 (of the Seventh National Development Plan), poverty and vulnerability reduction, the issues of social cash transfer and the important programme, the Gewel programme, that you are going to look into and the activities that are going to take place in Chadiza and Nyimba, they really speak to the reduction of poverty and vulnerability amongst our women and our youths who are in the majority and suffer the most,” said Mwiche.

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