PF INSECURE…they fear everything including their own shadows – Sejani

PF is a government in fear and it is showing, says Ackson Sejani.

He notes that the PF regime fears anything and everything, including its own shadows.

“Look at their panic reaction to young people who just want to voice their concerns about the governance of their country. Look at the reaction of this government whenever there is a real or rumoured visit, to any compound or area of Zambia, by an opposition leader such as Hakainde Hichilema. In all these instances there is general mobilisation of security forces at great cost to stop such events from taking place. This is nonsensical, to say the least,” Sejani said. “Zambians, therefore, should not expect any good thing from this frightened government except more repression as they try to prop themselves up. It must go.”

The former local government minister in the Chiluba administration said dictatorship is costly to a country.

He said unpopular governments were a drain on the national treasury.

“Insecure and unpopular regimes cannot lead an economic recovery programme because they are gripped and live with so much fear of the unknown. They fear anything and everything including their own shadows. Such a government spends a lot of money fighting these imaginary enemies including their shadows,” Sejani said. “Look at this PF government and how it is spending such a disproportionate percentage of our budget in trying to protect itself from imaginary enemies and how much money it is spending in shoring up its tattered image! How much money was budgeted for promoting Bill 10? But look at how much they are now spending trying to push this obnoxious piece of legislation down our throats. Look at the costly circus currently going on at Parliament.”

He wondered why Parliament was called to session when they knew they were “not ready with their new gadgets” only to keep members of parliament at great cost.

“Did someone play a ‘don’t kubeba’ on them by promising a vote for them on Bill 10 which was later discovered not to be there and hence throwing them into confusion? We are perplexed as citizens as to what is really going on” said Sejani. “The lame and pathetic excuses that are now being floated for the delay in resuming parliamentary business are a confirmation of a government that has lost all its senses. How can we be told that it is taking long to install the South African gadgets? Why did they call Parliament when they are not ready? After this argument ran out of steam, there are now insinuations that members of parliament are not computer literate hence the delay. What rubbish is this? PF must own up because their time is up. You cannot continue to govern a country through lies, deceit and crookedness all the time.”

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