Headline Matters with Chambwa: The mask has fallen

There is a storm in town. I mean a perfect storm! Youths are protesting in the bush. Which bush? Around Chalala in Lusaka, according to the Zambia Police. Hahaha!

Last Sunday’s column was titled ‘I’m sorry’ and the first paragraph read as follows: “We are at a crossroads as Zambia. Yes, I have been aware about fallibility, for something like 20 years now. And fallibility starts from, for instance, the villages of Katuba to the citadel of national power. Do you want proof of what I’m saying? Hear this.” End of quote.

Who donated bicycles to the Zambia Police? Fallibility pointed at poor Japan. Later, India was pointed at – probably not by another case of fallibility. But who knows! Facemasks are confusing everything; we can’t identify places and people’s faces now. The other week it was poor Japan and now it is poorer Chalala. Where are we going?

But there’s something entertaining about bullies. Lose a contest to them, they will mock you to the hilt. You’ll certainly feel that you amount to nothing on the planet. Equally, outwit them and they will make you regret your creativity. They can never clap for you, regardless of what acumen you display. What kind of ruthless people are these?

So, I was talking about the youth protest. The argument now is that one of the protestors is not a youth. Remember the reeking behaviour of bullies! You can’t win an argument with a bully.

The bicycles ignominy was, no doubt, too huge. So, the bully had to face-cover, promising the parent bully that ‘we will not let you down, going forward.’ But June 22 came and Pilato and his compatibles took the competition to a rocky apex, probably Mount Chalala. The bully couldn’t climb! It has been scratching all over, in the process tampering with the strings of the face-cloth. As you read this, the bully’s mask has fallen and you can watch, and even touch, the shame. A branded bicycle can’t climb that mountain! Bye.

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