Selective empowerment won’t help PF in 2021, says Fr Luonde

NATIONAL Democratic Congress national chairman Fr Richard Luonde says PF selective empowerment will not help them win elections in 2021.

In a statement, Luonde said the discriminatory empowerment by Lusaka Province minister Bowman Lusambo and other PF stooges will not win the ruling party votes.

He noted that the scheme being applied by the PF has never worked.

He said those with political experience know that in a society where the majority citizens were suffering, it was folly to think selective empowerment of a few ‘praise singers’ would change the course of an election.

“The selective empowerment of Zambians will not help Bowman Lusambo neither will it help the PF government come 2021. This selective empowerment by ruling parties since 1964 to date has not helped anybody. If people shout to you that they are PF then you start empowering them you think in 2021 people will vote for you? Mubepelefye (you are fooling yourselves). Those of us who have political experience know that in a society with the majority being poor and are suffering then leaders become selective just because you think Zambians are fools, I can assure you Bowman Lusambo that you are fooling yourself,” Fr Luonde said.

He said Lusambo and the PF were fooling themselves by thinking the empowerment they were showering on selective citizens would change the direction of the 2021 vote.

Fr Luonde said if Zambians were that gullible, the country would still be under the UNIP government.

He warned that a volcano would soon erupt regardless of the ‘gifts’ some Zambians were receiving from the PF.

“UNIP had every resource in 1991when Zambia returned to multiparty democracy, they had all manner of adverts on television, radio and print media and the only media that availed a platform to them MMD that time was the Weekly Post which stood firm to make sure that democracy was a reality. What happened to UNIP? They lost lamentably, so honourable Bowm Lusambo, that selective empowerment you have embarked on in Kabushi Ndola to selective Zambians for PF to win elections in 2021 and you to be re-elected as MP, will not work,” he said.

He noted that people like Lusambo, who were in the corridors of power, were blinded and could not see the painful suffering that Zambians were enduring.

Fr Luonde lamented that money has covered the faces of current leaders to an extent of them thinking that they would retain power in 2021 regardless.

“All this suffering has taught and is still teaching Zambians a lesson. Let them receive whatever donations are coming their way, whatever they are given but teach them a lesson once you have a chance to vote. Any reasonable empowerment should last a lifetime, it must be invested and that every Zambian in the 10 provinces, employed and unemployed should benefit. What you are sharing with the drivers of Kabushi is coming from the treasury, money the country makes through taxes therefore must be shared equitably,” Fr Luonde said.

He recalled that the MMD Lusambo belonged to as a die-hard cadre had everything to an extent of dressing trees and electricity poles throughout the country but were beaten pants down by a poor PF.

He challenged Lusambo and others to know that the only thing that could save PF in power was only when they have employment and food on the table.

“When students are educated with government support, when you give learners all the requisites for education such as meal allowances, project allowance, give Zambians regardless of their status three meals a day, when you have a government void of corruption and so on, Zambians may vote for you but as it stands, the PF is headed for a disaster,” he said.

Further, Fr Luonde urged Zambians to question Lusambo and the PF where the money being dished to them is coming from.

He said the country was blessed with so much wealth which if exploited would make citizens lives better lives than was obtaining now.

He noted that the resources that should benefit Zambians had been mismanaged by the PF through buying of useless fire machines, ambulances and construction of roads, which were not durable just for the sake of kickbacks.

He wondered how a government would construct a road, which does not last a year at a huge cost when the country was struggling to pay its debt.

“Get what they are giving you, Zambians pantu 2021 NDC ninshi yaisa, that’s when you will see true leadership. What we have now is a visionless entity which brought people that were discarded, people like Lusambo and others. People who were not part of the team that fought together with the late Michael Sata,” he said.

Fr Luonde lamented that Sata’s vision has been hijacked and soiled.

However, Fr Luonde noted that NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili and his team would change the direction of the country.

He assured Zambians that Sata’s legacy and vision would not die but resurrected in 2021 through the NDC.

“The money won’t win PF votes, power rests in the truth and the truth is coming in 2021 when NDC forms government,” said Fr Luonde.

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