PF govt evil, heartless – Sikaile

THIS government is evil and heartless, says Sikaile Sikaile.

The good governance activist, in a statement, stressed that it was foolish for anyone in the PF to think youths were idiots who could be bought with a K30 million fund earmarked for artistes, which President Edgar Lungu announced last Thursday.

“Today expressing our concerns about its criminal activities has become a big crime that one can lose their bones,” he noted. “We want to remind Edgar Lungu and his ministers that we shall meet in the ballot box next year. You cannot buy us with that fake K30 million yet your minsters are stealing $17 million dollars at a go. The PF government has lamentably failed to address real issues affecting youths in this country.”

Sikaile said the PF administration was almost clocking 10 years in office with nothing tangible they had done to improve the lives of youths.

“Let them convincingly point at any developmental project they have implemented to assist the youths. All we have seen is an increase in political violence involving PF youths who get hired by PF leaders to brutalise citizens who don’t agree with the government,” he said.

Sikaile recalled that in 2015 and 2016, President Lungu and the PF government promised the youths 500,000 jobs.

He also noted that later in his speech to the National Assembly, President Lungu promised that the government would create one million jobs for the youths.

“But how many jobs have they created out of those figures? And today they want to fool a few gullible youths with K30,000,000 empowerment in a dead economy,” Sikaile said. “Right now no sensible youth can listen to these PF liars who don’t care about its citizens. As long as they eat well, and steal our public resources, they don’t care about citizens who go to bed without food. Retirees who are dying without their benefits, our senior citizens who are not been taken care of… This government is evil and heartless.”

He said given a conducive environment and properly empowered by a sensible government, youths can greatly contribute to the well-being of the country.

“We, the youths, have learnt a bitter lesson, and we are resolved to speak next year by retiring PF government in national interest. We shall see who is the determinant factor during the elections,” said Sikaile. “We are more than ready to teach PF government a bitter lesson that even those who shall take over power from them shall learn a lesson and listen when youths speak. Indeed, Hon Stanley Kakubo of Kapiri Mposhi Constituency, is on point to state that we, the youths in Zambia, are on our own, we have not been supported by this government which only thinks for its benefits.”

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