What an insult on the intelligence of these youths!

Inonge Wina says that youths protesting against corruption and other vices in government are being misled by politicians.

This is a very big insult on the intelligence of these young people.

“Some of our young people are misled and misinformed by politicians. And this is not a new thing; it is part of a programme of some political parties to discredit this government. And this has been sustained from 2016 to today; and it will continue for as far as I see, to paint this government as a corrupt government. And this is not the only campaign young people are being persuaded to go in the bush,” says Inonge. “The young people are being told stories that cannot be verified, including some issues of corrupt activities. When these cases have been proved, then we cannot expect this government not to condemn. But just to take actions on the basis of perception, on the basis of misinformation, it is to mislead our people, especially the youth.”

It’s very clear that Inonge doesn’t know or understand the nature of the youths she is talking about. But how can one effectively govern people one doesn’t know or understand? To lead people one must know or understand them.

It’s not fair Inonge to treat these young people as though they are stupid. These are individually and collectively very intelligent young people. They have minds of their own. They are capable of seeing things for themselves; analysing things for themselves; and coming to their own conclusions.

Absolutely nothing angers one more than someone trying to insult one’s intelligence.

How we disparage others reveals who we are and what we value.

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