Any system anchored on greed collapses – M’membe

DR FRED M’membe believes that like the slave and feudal societies, capitalism will disappear.

Dr M’membe is the Socialist Party 2021 presidential candidate.

He says any system that is anchored on greed, competition, unbridled consumerism and is devoid of solidarity, is bound to collapse.

“Any system that is anchored on greed, competition and is devoid of solidarity, anchored on unbridled consumerism is bound to end up being a bad society. The slave society was anchored on that. The feudal society was anchored on that. The capitalist society is anchored on that,” Dr M’membe said when he featured on Muvi TV’s The Assignment programme on Sunday night.

“Like the other societies before it (capitalism), which were anchored on exploitation of man by man disappeared, capitalism will also disappear. It’s inevitable; it’s just a matter of time. This system is unsustainable!”

He asserted that capitalism was wasting natural resources and human life.

“It cannot continue! The same way the slave owning society was wasting human life and resources disappeared, capitalism will also not survive. Capitalism kills when you want to touch profits!” Dr M’membe noted.

He added that with or without the efforts of the revolutionaries, capitalism would go.

“What we the revolutionaries are doing is just to accelerate the pace at which it should disappear from certain societies and eventually from the whole planet,” he said. “We are simply midwives! With or without a midwife, a woman will still give birth. But it will be a torturous birth, without a midwife.”

Dr M’membe indicated that a revolution without revolutionaries could be more chaotic.

“At least revolutionaries bring order to a revolution – they are like midwives who bring order to the birth of a new life. With or without us revolutionaries, this [capitalistic] society is not sustainable,” Dr M’membe explained.

He also remarked that: “I’m not a worker but a peasant.”

“But I have identified myself with the causes of the working class, consciously so. I’m a working class by ideology. I identify wholly with the interests of the working class [and] that’s why I’m in the Socialist Party. I could have been in a party of rich people…” Dr M’membe said.

Meanwhile, Dr M’membe recalled that for all their defects, “our leaders, the [Kenneth] Kaundas and others, gave us a life.”

“They gave us a sense of dignity that comes with equality in society. We were not inferior to anybody. I don’t come from a rich family! If it was left to my parents, I would have not finished school, I would have not gone to the University of Zambia,” Dr M’membe said. “…we ate in good dining halls on the table [at school]. We were taught [how] to eat with a knife and a fork – things we didn’t have at home. We were given a good education and a better life.”

He continued that above that, him and his peers went to the same schools with the children of the country’s political leaders.

“Kenneth Kaunda’s children went to the same schools with children of the poor of this country. They slept in the same dormitories, used the same toilets, showers, sat in the same classes, ate in the same dining hall. That gave children of the poor higher levels of confidence,” noted Dr M’membe.

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