Manifesto a portrait of our pain, suffering – Zulu

SOCIALIST Party youth league member Rachel Zulu’s says the newly launched party manifesto is a portrait of the pain and suffering people are going through.

Reflecting on the document, Zulu said the manifesto covered all key areas of human concern.

“In my view, what the Socialist Party, my party, has presented to the nation in the last few days – is a rich document – a peoples’ manifesto that is indeed an exact portrait of the pain and suffering we have faced and in many aspects continue to endure as a nation every day,” she said. “The manifesto covers a wide range of concerns ranging from the Socialist Party’s commitment to free education, free health care, jobs, women and gender, as well as often neglected concerns of children, the disabled, the elderly citizens, and prisoners.”

Zulu also spoke highly of the party’s education programmes.

“Today, thanks to the Socialist Party, I count myself fortunate to be among the many young people that have benefitted from the assistance rendered by the Party to cover my university tuition fees. I am currently studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Economics at the University of Bugema in Uganda. This for me is an opportunity of a lifetime that I would never have imagined,” Zulu said further. “The SP’s initiatives on education goes beyond a traditional focus on the classroom. The various leaders such as Dr Fred M’membe, Dr Cosmas Musumali, Dr Chris Ngenda Mwikisa and Dr Cecilia Lwiindi Nedziwe have provided the mentorship programme to many youths in the Socialist Party movement and beyond. The party is committed to the idea of empowering us the young people to take charge of our today, and has encouraged us to take up leadership positions today, and not tomorrow.”

Zulu acknowledged her experiences in the party’s youth league, saying she had learnt a lot.

She encouraged others to read the party’s manifesto and understand what it stood for.

“As such, it is with great revolutionary pride to belong to the Socialist Party, and the Youth League movement. The experience in the Youth League movement has helped raise my levels of consciousness, of activism, to shift from ‘me, me, me self-centered approaches’, to care more about my country, my people, my today, and my tomorrow,” said Zulu. “It has raised my levels of consciousness to be moved with indignation in the face of injustice, of other people’s suffering, pain, anguish and hopelessness. I invite the Zambian youth to join this fast-moving train of the Socialist Party in order for us to collectively deliver Justice, Equity and Peace to ourselves. We encourage you to take time to read the Socialist Party’s manifesto: Then each one should teach one. Each youth should teach another youth. As Dr M’membe has repeatedly reminded us: ‘We are the leaders of today, and not tomorrow’.”

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