PF BLAMES EXTERNAL FORCES…our economy is controlled by forces beyond Lungu’s reach – Evans

HAKAINDE Hichilema to rule Zambia ehh chita, says Southern Province PF chairperson Lawrence Evans.

And Evans, a former deputy tourism minister, says
Zambia’s economy is being controlled by external forces that are above reach of President Edgar Lungu.

He said Zambia had no control over external forces such as copper and oil prices.

“They UPND are saying that HH can fix the economy, but they should know that President Lungu has no control over external forces. These forces determine how our economy performs. Is HH going to offer subsidies to cushion increased oil or copper prices when that happens? I don’t think so. So the UPND should not be day dreaming that they can change things, let them just sleep,” Evans said in an interview. “President Edgar Lungu has done a lot for this country and he
deserves to be commended. He is a head of state that has seen Zambia
through most trying times such as the COVID-19 and yet he gets a lot of
attacks from people that have no leadership qualities at all, such as
my brother Mr Hakainde Hichilema. The man (President Lungu) is so
humble that when he opens his mouth to talk on issues then you know
that it has gotten to his heart. But for the UPND they think that he
is not. They have failed so many times to get their leader Mr
Hichilema into State House and most of times they act out of anger. It
is just an issue of sour grapes.”

Evans stressed that, “I can tell you that I
never see that man (Hichilema) ruling Zambia”.

“HH to rule Zambia, kaya, ehh
chita (I don’t know). If at all the PF was to hand over power, I can
tell you that within a month Zambians will be crying for the PF and
for President Edgar Lungu,” he said.

Evans said President Lungu embraced everyone including those that
don’t like him and would continue to take development to all areas even
where he got “zero votes” in 2016.

He said President Lungu was recently in Dundumwenzi to see developmental projects such as roads and electricity that the PF has
taken to the area.

“Those who don’t like President Lungu won’t gain anything by doing so
because he is liked by Zambians and he will win come next year,” he

Evans has since advised UPND members to consider joining the PF ahead
of next year’s elections.

He said even UPND members of parliament are welcome into the PF.

“If they are ashamed that they will be rebuked by their brothers or
wives, let them at least vote for the PF next year because a vote is secret…I have a good working relationship with my brothers in the UPND and I am appealing to them to place the PF high on their list
and their party the UPND second because my brother HH is not winning
the 2021 elections,” said Evans.

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