Corrupted by power and wealth

It is said that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

This can be seen with Dr Patrick Matibini, the Speaker of the National Assembly, who started very well as Speaker in 2011 but got worse the more and more power corrupted his soul. And today Dr Matibini thinks he is the alpha and the omega when he is nothing but a fixer for Edgar Lungu.

Today Dr Matibini says he has the power, as Speaker, to interpret the law and the Constitution, contrary to the Constitutional Court’s ruling against him.

Indeed, every citizen has the power to interpret the law and indeed the Constitution. But this is in a very limited way and not as the final arbiter because that lies with the judiciary. The primary role of Parliament is to make laws and not to make and interpret laws. And it is not even the Speaker who makes laws but members of parliament collectively. Dr Matibini’s role as Speaker is to chair and guide parliamentary debates.

Dr Matibini has lost the respect of many but doesn’t seem to care because he has made a lot of money and acquired a lot of land as Speaker. The money power and political power has gotten to his head. However, real power does not lie with Dr Matibini and his sponsor and master Edgar. It lies with the people. No matter how long Dr Matibini stays as Speaker, the day to leave will come and he will have, without Edgar, to personally account for his decisions.

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