Lungu in a quandary ahead of 2021 polls – Musukuma

SOCIALIST Party 2021 Chawama parliamentary aspirant Ntazana Musukuma has observed that President Edgar Lungu is in a deep quagmire ahead of next year’s elections because three trials glare in his face.

Musukuma, popularly known as TZ, noted that the first problem borders on the eligibility or ineligibility to stand as a matter that has not been resolved yet.

“The debate on whether or not President Lungu is eligible to contest the 2021 Presidential Election remains active or unsettled,” Musukuma said.

According to Musukuma, a former PF media team member, those championing the candidature of President Lungu in next year’s elections have a mountain to climb in changing the Constitution through political manoeuvres such as Constitution (Amendment) Bill No. 10 of 2019 to allow him to contest.

Further, Musukuma said President Lungu’s second problematic reality is attaining the 50 per cent plus one vote threshold.

Musukuma holds the view that President Lungu has lost popularity because of the numerous socio-economic challenges Zambia is grappling with under his rule and the only people seemingly in his favour are those who are wining and dining with him.

“I don’t think President Lungu will reach even 30 per cent of the total votes that will be cast next year owing to the loss in popularity,” he said.

Musukuma said in the event of a re-run, Zambia was likely to see what happened in Malawi where the opposition came together.

According to Musukuma, President Lungu and his party, the PF, cannot defeat a united opposition force in an event of a re-run.

“No wonder they are doing everything possible to pass Bill 10 into law. The idea is to remove the clause on re-run from the Constitution and introduce coalition government. The motive is to enable the unsuccessful President Lungu in next year’s election to continue as President through a coalition government,” he said.

In view of the aforementioned, Musukuma noted that to stand a realistic chance of carrying on being in power after 2021 elections, the PF had only one option, fielding a different presidential candidate and not President Lungu.

“The three political quandary stare in the face of the PF party and President Lungu ahead of 2021,” said Musukuma.

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