FAZ to mitigate Covid effects on clubs

WITH football starting this month under closed doors, many clubs will lose out on gate takings, as no fan will be allowed at the stadium due restriction arising from the coronavirus pandemic.

However, not all is lost for clubs as FAZ will give them COVID-19 financial relief, thanks to the US $1.5m FIFA COVID-19 relief fund.

FAZ president Andrew Kamanga told clubs on Tuesday during the consultative meeting for Super League and National Division One clubs at National Heroes Stadium that the association would support the clubs.

“As FAZ, we did write to all the clubs, we did ask for some information. We were gathering facts and I am happy to announce that as of last week Thursday, FIFA made an announcement [about] what will happen; and there is now what [is] called COVID-19 relief fund,” he said “So we are yet to get the guidelines but we have the best information. So we will look at how many home games each one is going to have with a projected income so that we now look at the potential loss arising from this situation.”

Kamanga said the Football Association of Zambia would make good use of the fund.

“So, definitely we will make good use of that support. I think for you, because all the suddenly you are told to provide water, to provide thermometer, all these things are not part of your daily business activities but they have been imposed on you on account of new normal,” he said. “So, definitely just help us with information so that we are able to give you that maximum support that you need as clubs. So, definitely there will be support from FAZ under the FIFA COVID-19 relief funds.”

Meanwhile, Kamanga announced that FAZ was expected to start coaching courses this month.

“I also want to take this opportunity to announce the start of various coaching courses for you members of the Super League and National Division One. We do have the following courses: the goalkeepers training courses, video analysis training, the head coach and assistance coach for designated clubs,” said Kamanga. “It is also our desire to allow the introduction of technology through the new system of GPS equipment, VAR within a couple of months.”

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