Tamanga plots return to premier futsal

TAMANGA Juldan, the season’s strugglers in the Wildcat Zambian Futsal League, are already plotting their return to the premier league.

Tamanga only managed to collect 15 points in 24 games before the league was declared null and void due to COVID-19.

The Edson Sialutaba-drilled side conceded 196 goals, the most goals allowed in the nullified season.

However, Sialutaba’s boys will start a new life in the first division of the Wildcat Zambian Futsal League.

He said the team would be a force to reckon with in division one.

“For us, life will be much easier in division one, but the challenge will be there. But easy because of the coaching course we went through with coach Andrea Cristofferretti which showed me why my team was allowing so much goals and realised it was because I was using the football philosophy, not futsal because I am more into football,” he said. “But because of the course, I am confident that my team will be a force to reckon with because we have futsal tactics and I have already started applying them and my players follow it. We are going to do better.”

Sialutaba said the team would retain all the players that played in the premier league.

“Moreover, we are planning to have everyone that was with us during the super league. I know that will also give us some depth as well, that we fight to win and get back to the super league and fight with the big guys,” said Sialutaba. “Our team is more like self-sponsored, more like we just contribute on our own, which most of the times it is not enough to even book a bus for the players. You know, our team is based in Chaisa compound, and making the players walk from Chaisa to Automotive (industrial area) was somehow hectic. And it somehow affected the players, but with the grant, this will help us in transport and many other things to push the team back into the super league.”

The eight teams in division one have only a month to prepare for the first ever division one futsal league which is expected to start in August.

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